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Setting up a wireless headset is easy. You simply plug your handset cable into the bottom and plug the lead from the headset into where you removed the handset cable from. Watch the video for a visual depiction.

The trick is programming your phone handset into headset mode. If your current phone handset has a speaker button, and also has a headset mode, then you can use this for your headset. It means that as soon as you hit the speaker button it will engage the headset. Please note that once speaker is off and headset mode is on that you will not be able to use your speaker phone (very few handset models allow this to happen at the same time).

To return to normal speaker mode you will need to turn the headset mode off.

Your headset mode will be contained within your handset user guides. If you don’t have a user guide please contact your phone system supplier and they should be able to help you. If your phone handset does not have a speaker mode then you will need to manually lift the handset off the phone to make a headset call.