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Meeting Room Kits

Browse our range of meeting room kits to help you set up your huddle rooms and boardrooms with the best video conferencing equipment.

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  1. RRP: $3,800
    Now: $3,423 inc GST
    $3,423 Inc GST
    Save: $377
    • 4K UHD Display
    • Infrared Touch with 20 PoT
    • 12MP Full HD, 6 Element Mic Array
    • OPS Slot to Support WIN / Android PC Module
  2. RRP: $3,189
    Now: $2,468 inc GST
    $2,468 Inc GST
    Save: $721
    • Certified for Microsoft Teams
    • Content Sharing & Whiteboard
    • 133° super-wide field of view
    • Auto framing and speaker tracking
    • Easy Setup & Installation
  3. RRP: $1,990
    Now: $1,620 inc GST
    $1,620 Inc GST
    Save: $370
    • 360° Field of View
    • Best of All-in-one flexibility
    • 5.5m radius mic pick-up range
    • Android OS - Teams, Webex & Zoom apps
  4. RRP: $2,200
    Now: $2,079 inc GST
    $2,079 Inc GST
    Save: $121
    • Teams Certified
    • Static or Dynamic Microphones
    • All-in-one with HDMI Display Link
    • Best in class audio from Bose Pro
  5. RRP: $3,340
    Now: $2,199 inc GST
    $2,199 Inc GST
    Save: $1,141
    • Certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android™
    • Up to 8 in-room participants
    • Bundled with EPOS EXPAND SP 30T
    • One touch join
  6. RRP: $1,804
    Now: $1,343 inc GST
    $1,343 Inc GST
    Save: $461
    • Group Framing & Speaker Tracking
    • MS Teams & Zoom Certified
    • Wall Mount Bracket included
    • 5m USB Cable included for PC/Laptop

What is a meeting room kit?

A meeting room kit is a collection of audiovisual equipment and communication tools designed to enhance collaboration and productivity in meeting rooms. It typically includes items such as displays, cameras, microphones, speakers, and control systems.

What are the benefits of using a meeting room kit?

Using a meeting room kit offers several benefits:

  • Improved audio and video quality for clearer communication during meetings.
  • Enhanced collaboration through screen sharing and interactive features.
  • Seamless integration with video conferencing platforms for remote participants.
  • Efficient meeting management with intuitive control systems and automation.
  • Time and cost savings by having all necessary equipment in a single package.

What components are typically included in a meeting room kit?

A meeting room kit may include the following components:

  • Display or interactive touchscreen
  • Camera or webcam
  • Microphones or microphone arrays
  • Speakers or soundbars
  • Control system or device
  • Cabling and mounting accessories

How do I choose the right meeting room kit for my needs?

When choosing a meeting room kit, consider the following factors:

  • Size of the meeting room and the number of participants
  • Required audio and video quality
  • Integration with existing communication and collaboration tools
  • Ease of installation and setup
  • Budget and cost considerations

Can I customise a meeting room kit to suit my specific requirements?

Yes, many meeting room kit providers offer customisation options to meet specific requirements. You can often choose different components, upgrade features, or add accessories based on your needs and preferences.

Do meeting room kits require professional installation?

While some meeting room kits can be self-installed, larger or more complex setups may require professional installation services. Professional installers can ensure proper configuration, cable management, and optimal performance of the equipment.

Can I integrate a meeting room kit with my existing video conferencing platform?

Yes, most meeting room kits are designed to integrate seamlessly with popular video conferencing platforms. They can be compatible with platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex, and others, allowing you to easily connect and collaborate with remote participants.