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Headset Accessories

Browse our range of accessories for a range of headsets across all our brands, including Plantronics, Jabra, Yealink and Sennheiser.

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What types of headset accessories are available?

There are various types of headset accessories available to enhance your work experience. Some common accessories include spare batteries, replacement ear cushions, headband padding, microphone windscreens, and carrying cases. These accessories help maintain the performance, comfort, and longevity of your headset.

Why should I consider purchasing spare batteries for my headset?

Purchasing spare batteries for your headset is beneficial, especially if you rely on your headset for long periods of time. Having spare batteries ensures uninterrupted usage, allowing you to easily swap out depleted batteries and continue working without any downtime. It's a convenient solution for individuals who require extended headset usage or who work in environments where access to charging may be limited.

When should I replace the ear cushions on my headset?

It's recommended to replace the ear cushions on your headset when they show signs of wear and tear or when they no longer provide adequate comfort or sound isolation. Over time, ear cushions can become flattened or worn out, affecting both the comfort and audio quality of your headset. Replacing the ear cushions helps restore the original comfort and ensures optimal sound performance.

Do replacement ear cushions fit all headset models?

No, replacement ear cushions are typically designed to fit specific headset models. It's important to choose the correct replacement ear cushions that are compatible with your headset model. Manufacturers often provide specific ear cushion models that are designed to fit their corresponding headsets. Checking the compatibility information or consulting with the retailer can help ensure you select the right replacement ear cushions for your headset.

Can I purchase other accessories like headband padding or microphone windscreens for my headset?

Yes, you can purchase additional accessories like headband padding or microphone windscreens for your headset. Headband padding adds extra cushioning and comfort to the headband, making it more comfortable to wear for extended periods. Microphone windscreens help reduce wind noise and improve microphone performance in outdoor or windy environments. These accessories can enhance your overall headset experience and ensure optimal functionality.

Do you offer carrying cases for headsets?

Yes, we offer carrying cases specifically designed to protect and transport headsets. Carrying cases provide a convenient and secure way to store your headset when not in use or when traveling. They help prevent damage, keep your headset safe from dust and scratches, and make it easier to carry your headset with you wherever you go. Carrying cases are especially useful for individuals who frequently commute or travel for work.