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Wireless headsets give you freedom to roam once you've answered a call but to answer a call when away from your desk (ie one touch answering via your headset) all headsets require a further accessory. If you are generally up and about at work OR if you don't want to miss a single call you will need this accessory.

To confirm compatibility of your phone with this headset, please select your make and model phone below. If compatible you will also be shown the correct answering device should you wish to add it.


3 Items

  1. RRP: $1,990
    $1,334 Inc GST
    Save: $656
    • 360° Field of View
    • Best of All-in-one flexibility
    • 5.5m radius mic pick-up range
    • Android OS - Teams, Webex & Zoom apps
  2. RRP: $2,200
    $2,079 Inc GST
    Save: $121
    • Teams Certified
    • Static or Dynamic Microphones
    • All-in-one with HDMI Display Link
    • Best in class audio from Bose Pro
  3. RRP: $1,740
    $1,476 Inc GST
    Save: $264
    • Group Framing & Speaker Tracking
    • MS Teams & Zoom Certified
    • Wall Mount Bracket included
    • 5m USB Cable included for PC/Laptop