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Yealink Batteries + Power Adaptors

Keep your Yealink headset powered up and ready for extended use with our range of batteries and power adaptors. Whether you need a spare battery or an adaptor to ensure uninterrupted power supply, we have you covered. Explore our selection of Yealink batteries + power adaptors and stay connected without any downtime.

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Are Yealink batteries and power adaptors included with the headsets?

No, Yealink batteries and power adaptors are typically sold separately from the headsets. This allows users to choose the appropriate battery and power adaptor based on their specific needs and requirements.

What type of batteries are compatible with Yealink headsets?

Yealink headsets typically use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. These batteries offer long-lasting power and can be easily recharged using the compatible charging solution.

Can I use third-party batteries with my Yealink headset?

While it is possible to find third-party batteries that are compatible with Yealink headsets, it is recommended to use genuine Yealink batteries for optimal performance and safety. Third-party batteries may not provide the same level of reliability and quality as the original Yealink batteries.

Do Yealink headsets come with power adaptors?

Yealink headsets usually do not come with power adaptors included in the package. Power adaptors can be purchased separately based on your specific power requirements and regional standards.

Can I use a power adaptor from another brand with my Yealink headset?

It is recommended to use a Yealink power adaptor or a power adaptor specifically designed for Yealink headsets. While it is possible to find power adaptors from other brands that are compatible, using a non-compatible power adaptor may affect the performance and potentially damage the headset.

Can I purchase spare batteries and power adaptors for my Yealink headset?

Yes, spare batteries and power adaptors for Yealink headsets are available for purchase. This allows you to have backup batteries and additional power adaptors for convenience, especially in situations where quick battery replacement or multiple power sources are required.