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EPOS Sennheiser Other Accessories

Enhance your EPOS Sennheiser headset experience with our range of other accessories. From carry cases and cables to spare parts and more, we have all the accessories you need to optimise your headset usage. Explore our collection of EPOS Sennheiser other accessories and take your headset to the next level of comfort and functionality.

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  1. MSRP: $101
    $90 inc GST

    $90 Inc GST
    Save: $11
  2. MSRP: $142
    $134 inc GST

    $134 Inc GST
    Save: $8
  3. $124 inc GST

    $124 Inc GST
    • Small and portable design
    • Plug-and-play
    • Wireless freedom
  4. MSRP: $49
    $44 inc GST

    $44 Inc GST
    Save: $5

What are some common EPOS Sennheiser accessories for work applications?

EPOS Sennheiser offers a range of accessories to enhance your work experience. Some common accessories include USB dongles for wireless connectivity, headset stands for storage and organisation, replacement microphone booms for voice clarity, and carrying cases for convenient transportation of your headset.

Are there accessories available to improve the comfort of EPOS Sennheiser headsets?

Yes, EPOS Sennheiser provides accessories to enhance the comfort of their headsets. These include ergonomic ear cushions for extended wear comfort, adjustable headbands for a personalised fit, and earhooks and buds for a secure fit during active use. These accessories can contribute to a more comfortable and enjoyable work experience.

Where can I purchase EPOS Sennheiser accessories?

EPOS Sennheiser accessories can be purchased through authorised retailers, including online stores and dedicated audio equipment suppliers. It is recommended to purchase accessories from reliable sources to ensure the authenticity and compatibility of the products.

Do EPOS Sennheiser accessories come with a warranty?

Yes, EPOS Sennheiser accessories typically come with a warranty. The duration of the warranty may vary depending on the accessory and region. It is advisable to check the warranty terms and conditions provided by EPOS Sennheiser or the retailer at the time of purchase.