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Find the right headset - first time and every-time. Its Simple.

Who are we?

Your Simply Headsets experts are part of an Australian based customer service team that prides ourselves on genuine, reliable, and tailored headset solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

Our team has an average of over ten years experience in the industry, so we know that theres no 'one-size-fits-all approach to finding you the right headset - youll need to consider a number of factors, and thats where we are always here to help. Whether youre a small business, a large company, or a call centre, we understand that your needs will be just that - your needs.

Here at Simply Headsets, YOU set the expectations, and we simply strive to exceed them.

Why choose us?

As our customer youll have access to our Australian based experts, all dedicated to the highest standard of customer support and after sales care. We dont simply forget about you after your product has been delivered - far from it. Take the hassle out of... everything!

Making sure your headset is comfortable, sounds great, and is easy to use is often just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to purchasing the right product. Our team will help you through the entire process so you can rest assured that all bases are covered before you make your investment.

Whether is be ensuring compatibility with other devices in your office, being prepared for the NBN, or simply assisting with repeat orders over the phone, youll be more likely to end up with your perfect headset with our tailored and comprehensive advice.

Theres also no need to worry about setup or technical support once your headset arrives because, if the instructions dont quite make sense (it happens to the best of us), or youre just not sure where to start, our expert team is just a phone call away.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

Ensuring that youre happy with your headset is just as important to use as it is to you, and we know that sometimes (no matter how much you researched before making a purchase) the end result just isn't what you thought it would be.

We understand that this happens, and that's why we offer a 14 day exchange on all our headsets products

You can rest easy with our Easy Exchange policy

Unlike a lot of online retailers, our Easy Exchange Policy comes with zero strings attached

If the headset you purchase doesnt meet your expectations, simply contact us within 14 days and well gladly help you find the one that is - all at our own expense. We dont expect you to arrange couriers or pay for postage on a product that hasnt lived up to your expectations, so well take care of it all. Youll only have to pay the difference if you decide on a more expensive model, or well refund you the difference if you choose one of lesser value to your original purchase.

All we ask is that you speak with our expert team for their help and recommendations prior to ordering online. That way, you can eliminate the chance of getting the wrong headset and then having to waste your time with the exchange and return process.

Easy Exchange terms and conditions

Youll get FREE support... forever

Before youve even made a decision (or a purchase), our team are happy to discuss all of your needs with you, from price, value and comfort, to VoIP & NBN readiness, brands and value for money. Well strive to ensure you get the support you need in making the right choice.

Setting up a new headset can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming if youre not technically inclined, so our team is also on hand during business hours to give you the guidance you need to get everything up and running as soon as possible.

And whether it be two weeks or two years down the track, if you need further support or have questions about your product - you guessed it - our team will be happy to help you.

The Usual Suspects

Meet some of our customer service experts


Sophie has a background in education and large call centre management.
With 7 years experience at Simply Headsets, shes a card carrying member of 'Headset Geeks Anonymous'.

'I like that I was hired because of my customer service ethos rather than sales skills - I think that says a lot about Simply Headsets. In my spare time I sew, swim & 'supervise' my husband's cooking exploits'


Larisa is the newest member of your Simply Headsets team and brings with her over 10 years of customer service experience in the retail industry. See if you can pick my accent

'As the newest member of the Simply Headsets gang I am finding that I have a knack for headsets. In my spare time I enjoy the beach, a good footy game and a glass of a well rounded Pinot Noir:'


Kim is a Kiwi and is our supreme mistress of multi-tasking. Shes been living and breathing all things headsets for the last 4 years - well, at least during business hours. .

Youll be actively contribute to building a better world

Since our establishment, Simply Headsets have always been committed to supporting not-for-profit organisations that help those less fortunate than ourselves.

B1G1 is one such organisation that lets us provide loans to people in poverty-stricken areas to better their lives - anyone from a Cocoa farmer in Brazil, to a schoolgirl in Zimbabwe, or a family establishing a business in China.

We are proud to donate $5.00 from every first-time-buyer purchase will be donated to B1G1. on your behalf. Its more than just donating to a charity; its empowering community transformations, and you can be a part of it..

Read more about how Simply Headsets supports B1G1.

How youll benefit from choosing us

At the end of the day, its not simply headsets that drive our success here at Simply Headsets. What lies at the heart of our business is our continued commitment to customer service, from the guys at the top to the person who answers your call for support or places the postage address on your order - all of us strive to make sure your experience is stress free and exciting - as it should be.

Join over 39,000 Australian organisations that have benefited from the service and support of the Simply Headsets team, including over 7,500 government, education, and not-for-profit organisations. Its the benefit of knowing youre backed all the way, from the first enquiry to your latest technical challenge. In other words, its peace of mind.

We do it for you...

As we mentioned earlier, you set the expectations and we aim to meet them. If our customers arent happy, then neither are we. Delivering on our promises isnt just a tokenistic statement to get you to buy something from us.

We genuinely enjoy working together with a common goal of providing the genuine, honest, and reliable service that this company was founded on.

We get great satisfaction out of knowing we can 'pay it forward by contributing to not-for-profit organisations, empowering others and providing opportunities for advancement in different communities, both in Australia and abroad.

But, most importantly, we like the sense of pride that comes with what we do, how we do it differently to our competitors, and to be part of an ongoing Australian success story.

We want to know what YOU think, and we mean that, too!

We value the role our customers have to play in our success, and In order for us to continue providing the best service possible theres just one thing we ask of you, and thats for your honest feedback.

If youre not happy with our service - tell us!

If you feel we could improve in ny area - tell us!

If you dont think we found you the right product - tell us!

And, of course, if you think were awesome, were always happy to hear that, too.