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Yealink Video Conferencing and Speakerphones

Yealink are famous for their products in the video conferencing industry and have a massive range of professional video conferencing devices, such as video cameras, all in one videobars, and bluetooth speaker phones, which are all designed for businesses of all sizes. Shop our collection of video conferencing and speaker phones today.

17 Items

  1. Now: $6,696 inc GST
    $6,696 Inc GST
    • Seamless Microsoft Teams integration
    • PTZ cameras with 12x optical zoom
    • 360° microphone coverage
    • User-friendly touch console
  2. RRP: $4,399
    Now: $3,098 inc GST
    $3,098 Inc GST
    Save: $1,301
    • 12x Optical Zoom from PTZ Lens
    • Dual-eye camera for intelligent functions
    • Auto Framing, Speaker and Presenter Tracking
    • Certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms
  3. RRP: $504
    Now: $442 inc GST
    $442 Inc GST
    Save: $62
    • 360° voice pickup
    • Wireless, clutter-free setup
    • Advanced noise cancellation
    • Up to 24 hours of talk time
  4. Now: $981 inc GST
    $981 Inc GST
    • Intuitive 8-inch touch screen
    • Microsoft Teams integration
    • Vibrant LED status indicators
    • Flexible mounting options
  5. RRP: $430
    Now: $414 inc GST
    $414 Inc GST
    Save: $16
    • High-Quality Stereo Sound
    • Vivid Audio with Yealink Noise Proof
    • Flexible Connectivity with PoE and AUX
    • Future-Proof with Bluetooth
  6. RRP: $2,069
    Now: $1,707 inc GST
    $1,707 Inc GST
    Save: $362
    • 12x Optical Zoom
    • AI-Powered Speaker Tracking
    • Yealink MeetingBoard integration
    • 4K 30FPS Video Output
  7. RRP: $1,369
    Now: $1,130 inc GST
    $1,130 Inc GST
    Save: $239
    • 6x Optical Zoom for clarity
    • 4K SONY Sensor for sharp images
    • Seamless Yealink integration
    • Electronic Privacy Shutter
    • 4K60Hz Ultra-HD clarity
    • Unified Yealink dual-screen integration
    • Intuitive touch with low latency
    • 4K60Hz Ultra-HD clarity
    • Unified Yealink dual-screen integration
    • Intuitive touch with low latency
    • WIFI6 wireless presentation
    • Wireless BYOD*
    • Windows OPS Module*
    • Upgradeable Android OPS Module
    • Easily deploy MS Teams or Zoom Rooms
    • Touch screen collaboration tools
    • Flexible and suits 90% of meeting rooms
    • Wireless BYOD and Microphone options
  8. RRP: $711
    Now: $684 inc GST
    $684 Inc GST
    Save: $27
    • 8-inch touch screen with Android 9.0 OS
    • Supports annotation on shared content
    • Connect to VCS endpoint via cable or via Wi-Fi
  9. RRP: $1,899
    Now: $1,562 inc GST
    $1,562 Inc GST
    Save: $337
    • PTZ with 4K Sensor
    • 80° Field of View
    • Auto framing & 12 x Optical Zoom
    • Flexible mounting options included
  10. RRP: $3,189
    Now: $2,468 inc GST
    $2,468 Inc GST
    Save: $721
    • Certified for Microsoft Teams
    • Content Sharing & Whiteboard
    • 133° super-wide field of view
    • Auto framing and speaker tracking
    • Easy Setup & Installation
  11. RRP: $381
    Now: $333 inc GST
    $333 Inc GST
    Save: $48
    • Plug and Play
    • Low Latency 1080p HD sharing
    • Embedded Meeting Assistant Software
    • Multi-platform support including AirPlay
  12. RRP: $458
    Now: $442 inc GST
    $442 Inc GST
    Save: $16
    • One-press seamless presentation
    • 4K/30fps high-quality display
    • Supports four streams
  13. RRP: $225
    Now: $198 inc GST
    $198 Inc GST
    Save: $27
    • Works With Yealink UVC40, A20, A30
    • Under-display mounting
    • Durable materials for device security

What are the key features of Yealink video conferencing and speakerphones?

Yealink video conferencing and speakerphones offer a range of features designed to enhance your work-related audio and video conferencing experiences. Some key features include:

  • High-Quality Audio and Video: Yealink devices deliver high-definition audio and video, ensuring clear communication and a more immersive conferencing experience.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Yealink devices are designed with user-friendly interfaces, making it easy to control settings, join meetings, and manage calls.
  • Flexible Connectivity Options: Yealink devices support various connectivity options, including USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, allowing seamless integration with different devices and conferencing platforms.
  • Noise Reduction Technology: Many Yealink models feature advanced noise reduction technology to minimise background noise and enhance voice clarity.
  • Wide-Angle Camera: Yealink video conferencing devices often come with a wide-angle camera, capturing a broader view of the meeting room and ensuring everyone is visible.
  • Content Sharing: Yealink devices support content sharing capabilities, allowing participants to share presentations, documents, and other files during the conference.
  • Scalability: Yealink offers a range of video conferencing solutions suitable for small huddle rooms to large boardrooms, providing scalability to meet diverse meeting space requirements.

What Yealink video conferencing and speakerphone models are available?

Yealink offers a variety of video conferencing and speakerphone models to suit different meeting room sizes and requirements. Some popular Yealink models include:

  • Yealink A20 MS Teams MeetingBar: All-in-one video conferencing system suitable for meeting rooms of any size, featuring a 4K camera, speakerphone, and Microsoft Teams functionality.
  • Yealink UVC84 PTZ Conference Room Camera: A professional-grade 4K camera designed for conference rooms of all sizes.

Can I integrate Yealink video conferencing devices with other conferencing platforms?

Yes, Yealink video conferencing devices are designed to be compatible with popular conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Cisco Webex. They can seamlessly integrate with these platforms, allowing you to conduct meetings without any compatibility issues.

Do Yealink speakerphones support daisy-chaining for larger meeting rooms?

Yes, certain Yealink speakerphone models support daisy-chaining. This feature enables you to connect multiple speakerphones together in a larger meeting room, providing extended coverage and ensuring that everyone can be heard clearly during the conference.

What support options are available for Yealink video conferencing and speakerphones?

Yealink provides technical support for their video conferencing and speakerphone products. You can visit the Yealink official website to access support resources such as user manuals, software updates, and contact information for customer support.