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We've always been active in supporting not-for-profit organisations on behalf of our customers. But to be perfectly honest, it can be difficult trying to share the love as much as possible to the greatest number of people to make the largest possible difference that we can.

For many years now we have donated to our preferred charities, a decision that's made based on the people in our office whose hearts are close to a particular cause (we're sure you can relate). Our most rewarding donations have been to the MS Society, Beyond Blue, Oxfam and Pink Ribbon.

The entire Simply Headsets team has felt privileged to have contributed to these causes on behalf of our customers.

Aiming higher to make a bigger difference

Now, we aim to do even more to give a hand up - not necessarily a hand out.

In 2016, we took the time to research and understand people and organisations who are doing good in a way that resonates with our culture at Simply Headsets. We're not going to lie - it's been a tough decision because there are just so many benevolent organisations out there that are making a real difference to this world.

Now, we're excited to announce that from the 1st July 2017, Simply Headsets is giving $5 from every single first time headset purchase to

Why Kiva?

Kiva is an international organisation that's been operating since 2005, and their focus is to provide opportunities through lending, with the aim of alleviating poverty across the globe.

"By lending as little as $25 on Kiva, anyone can help a borrower start or grow a business, go to school, access clean energy or realize their potential. For some, it's a matter of survival, for others it's the fuel for a life-long ambition." -

Like all businesses, Simply Headsets was born from a little idea and built from the ground up into what it is today, and we believe that where you are born shouldn't hold you back from striving for success.

The Simply Headsets team were unanimous in agreeing that everybody deserves the chance to aim for the stars, and this is a great way to help them do just that.

No matter how small an idea or a dream, what Paul Kelly sang was true... from little things, big things grow.

How your contribution works

When you purchase a headset from us for the first time, $5 from your purchase will be given to someone wanting to better their lives. It's more than just giving money to make a small difference, it's about giving people in poverty the chance to make a big one. 100% of the money lent through Kiva goes directly to the borrower - there's no middle-man.

When the borrower repays the money they have been lent on your behalf, the sum is returned back into our hands, and we simply continue the cycle by lending it to a new borrower.

Your contribution does not disappear into thin air, and it doesn't get lost in any complicated red tape. It goes directly to those who need it, is repaid, and then goes out again to someone else who needs it, and so on.

If you'd like to learn more about how the process works, head over to the website for more information.

Our Contribution so far...

We chose this organisation because of the massive difference it makes to people striving for a better life. We plan on sharing the progress that is made with your contribution to people living in poverty.

Looking forward is exciting for us (and we hope it's exciting for you, too!), because we know how much of a difference $5 from every first time buyer will make through this wonderful organisation. We will be closely monitoring progress with anticipation, and we'll make sure to update you regularly on the impact your contributions have made.

Information for other organisations

If you belong to a Charity, Not for profit, or Community Based organisation, Simply Headsets would still like to extend their hand to help you keep doing the amazing work you do to better the lives of others.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss ways in which we can help support your organisation with discounts, donations or products, and advice or support.

If you have any further questions about and how your purchase can make a difference, feel free to call our Simply headsets team on 1300 889 728 or use the contact page to get in touch.

MS Australia

We are proud to support MS Australia & MSWA with all their valuable research and support for people with MS..