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All In One Video Bars

Experience effortless video conferencing with our all-in-one videobars. Designed to provide a complete solution, our videobars combine a camera, speakers, and microphone in a single device. Explore our range of all-in-one videobars that deliver exceptional audio and video quality, making them ideal for small to medium-sized meeting rooms. Enhance your video conferencing setup with our videobars for seamless communication and collaboration.

6 Items

  1. MSRP: $1,772
    $1,424 inc GST

    $1,424 Inc GST
    Save: $348
    • Certified for Microsoft Teams & Zoom
    • 8 Beamforming Microphones
    • Panoramic 4K Camera
    • Virtual Director, Room Insights and Whiteboard
  2. MSRP: $1,638
    $1,397 inc GST

    $1,397 Inc GST
    Save: $241
    • 360° Field of View
    • Best of All-in-one flexibility
    • 5.5m radius mic pick-up range
    • Android OS - Teams, Webex & Zoom apps
  3. MSRP: $1,804
    $1,447 inc GST

    $1,447 Inc GST
    Save: $357
    • Group Framing & Speaker Tracking
    • MS Teams & Zoom Certified
    • Wall Mount Bracket included
    • 5m USB Cable included for PC/Laptop
  4. $2,236 inc GST

    $2,236 Inc GST
    • Teams Certified
    • Static or Dynamic Microphones
    • All-in-one with HDMI Display Link
    • Best in class audio from Bose Pro
  5. MSRP: $3,189
    $2,468 inc GST

    $2,468 Inc GST
    Save: $721
    • Certified for Microsoft Teams
    • Content Sharing & Whiteboard
    • 133° super-wide field of view
    • Auto framing and speaker tracking
    • Easy Setup & Installation
  6. MSRP: $3,706
    $2,772 inc GST

    $2,772 Inc GST
    Save: $934
    • Auto Framing
    • Speaker Tracking
    • Smart Gallery (Zoom Only)

What is an all-in-one video bar?

An all-in-one video bar is a compact video conferencing device that combines a camera, microphone, and speaker into a single unit. It is designed to provide a complete video conferencing solution for small to medium-sized meeting rooms or huddle spaces.

What are the advantages of using an all-in-one video bar?

Using an all-in-one video bar offers several advantages:

  • Easy setup: All-in-one video bars are designed for simple and quick installation, allowing you to set up your video conferencing system with minimal effort.
  • Space-saving: The compact design of video bars helps save space in meeting rooms, making them ideal for smaller environments.
  • Integrated components: With the camera, microphone, and speaker integrated into a single device, there is no need for separate equipment and complicated wiring.
  • Optimized audio and video: All-in-one video bars are engineered to provide high-quality audio and video performance, ensuring clear communication during meetings.
  • User-friendly controls: Many video bars come with user-friendly controls and intuitive interfaces, making them easy to operate without extensive training.
  • Compatibility: They are typically designed to work seamlessly with popular video conferencing platforms and software, ensuring compatibility and smooth integration.

Can I use an all-in-one video bar with multiple video conferencing platforms?

Yes, most all-in-one video bars are designed to be compatible with multiple video conferencing platforms. They can work with popular platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and others. However, it's always recommended to check the specifications and compatibility of the video bar with your preferred software before making a purchase.

What size of meeting rooms are all-in-one video bars suitable for?

All-in-one video bars are generally suitable for small to medium-sized meeting rooms or huddle spaces. The exact room size can vary depending on the specific model and its capabilities. It's advisable to check the manufacturer's specifications to determine the recommended room size for optimal performance.

Can I expand the capabilities of an all-in-one video bar?

Some all-in-one video bars offer expansion options to enhance their capabilities. These may include adding additional microphones, connecting external speakers, or integrating with other room control systems. It's important to check the specifications of the video bar and consult with the manufacturer or authorized dealer to understand the available expansion options.

Are all-in-one video bars suitable for remote work or home office setups?

All-in-one video bars are primarily designed for meeting rooms and collaborative spaces. However, there are compact video bar options available that can be suitable for remote work or home office setups. These devices are specifically designed for individual use, offering high-quality video and audio performance for virtual meetings and conferences in a home office environment.