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To answer call remotely (away from your desk) you will first need a wireless headset. When you are away from your desk (with a wireless headset) the headset will beep in your ear to let you know there is a call. You simply hit the button on the side of the headset and this transmits a signal to tell the lifter (or hookswitch) to lift the receiver and engage the call.

Please note that you can’t transfer any calls from a headset. In order to carry out functions such as phone transfers or placing calls on hold, you need to use the buttons on the phone handset, so you would need to walk back to your desk to do this.

Lifters are fantastic for IT people, sales people, or receptionists that roam around the office. It means they are always contactable. The range of the wireless headset and lifter depends on the room environment. Some manufacturers claim up to 130metres but this is typically line of sight and can be reduced dramatically if there is a lot of metal, glass or structures to block and interfere with the wireless headset signal.