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You simply need to pair the tow devices together. Pairing is the term given when you enable two different devices to talk to each other wirelessly via the bluetooth protocol. In this case we are talking about a mobile phone and a mobile bluetooth headset but you can also connect other devices such as computers, laptops, and more.

In order to pair to devices you will need to follow the instructions in the headset manual. You will need to go to the connectivity menu in your mobile phone and make sure that you turn the bluetooth function on (providing your mobile phone supports bluetooth that is).

You should also get your mobile phone user guide ready as you may experience some difficulty finding the right menu section. Your mobile phone will then ask you to find new devices once you are in the right section. Once it has established contact with the bluetooth headset your mobile will then ask you if you wish to PAIR with the headset.

It really is that simple. You only have to go through the pairing set up once. The great news is that once you’ve paired two devices together they will sync to each other anytime they are powered on and within bluetooth range.