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Are you on a budget but still need a quality headset that is reliable and sounds good for work calls? Well you're in luck because you don't have to empty your pockets to get a good headset at a low cost. We sell and test hundreds of headsets and also receive lots of feedback from our customers, so we know which are the best and most popular headsets on a budget.

It's 2024 and headsets have become an essential tool for work, school and even just hanging out with friends and family on Zoom or Discord. But, with so many options to choose, and an even more confusing list of features, it can be a tiring process to sort through them all and make a decision to buy one, especially when you're on a tight budget. That's why we've done the research for you and put together a list of the best budget headsets you can buy today.

We know how important it is to sound your best on calls, as well as the headache that sometimes comes with trying to find a budget headset that doesn't sound like you are talking through tin cans and string. That's why we're here to help you make an informed decision without having to break the bank.

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What is a Budget Headset?

Normally, when you think about a budget headset you think low quality. You get what you pay for, right? That is true a lot of the time. But when it comes to work headsets, the bar is much higher when it comes to audio quality, and usually the more expensive models are expensive for other features, such as Active Noise Cancelling and Bluetooth wireless.

Do You Need to Spend a Lot of Money to Buy a Good Headset?

If you just need a headset that makes you sound professional on calls, and you don't need fancy features such as ANC and wireless, then you absolutely don't need to spend a lot of money to buy a good, quality headset. Especially if you need to buy headsets for the whole team and don't want to blow your annual spending, then you can easily get away with a budget headset. The takeaway here is you don't have to sacrifice quality for price when it comes to budget headsets, trust us!

Now, let's get into the good stuff, the meat and potatoes that you all came here for: the top 5 budget headsets you can buy today in 2024.

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What is the Best Budget Headset for the Office?

Jabra Evolve 40

From: $108 inc GST
  • Works With - Mobile phone/tablet + PC
  • Popular headset
  • Leatherette ear cushions
  • In-line audio controls
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For an all rounder budget headset for the office we have to recommend the Jabra Evolve 40, which is actually one of our most popular and best selling headsets. This gem comes with both a 3.5mm and USB connection, so you can plug it into your computer, tablet, or smartphone. And if you choose to use the USB connection, you'll have access to the headset controls to answer and drop calls, as well as adjust or mute the volume. Talk about convenience!

And if you're in a call and don't want to be bothered, the Jabra Evolve 40 has got you covered there too. It has a busy light feature which will glow to inform your colleagues that you're on a call. And if you don't want the light on, you can also activate this feature manually. This is a godsend for office workers who constantly find themselves getting interrupted during important calls. Because in those moments when you're not talking but listening, it can look like to others that you're just staring at your screen blankly, and that is all too often an open invitation for conversation. And who's to say you can't cheekily turn it on even when you're not on a call? Sometimes you just want a bit of peace and quiet to knuckle down on some tasks!

Another plus for the Evolve 40 is that it's compatible with a variety of softphones, such as Avaya, Microsoft, Cisco, Skype for Business, and Microsoft Lync. Plus, it comes in both mono and stereo configurations.

In short, the Jabra Evolve 40 is a corded office headset that's versatile, user-friendly and has the features that matter, at an affordable price point. And that's no small feat.

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What is the Best Budget Headset With Active Noise Cancelling?

Sennheiser EPOS Adapt 160

EPOS ADAPT 160 USB II Corded Headset
12% Off
RRP: $109
Now: $96 inc GST
Save: $13
  • Noise cancelling mic
  • Large Foam ear cushions
  • Discrete fold-away mic boom
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The EPOS Adapt 160's have a unique style with the microphone boom that hides discreetly behind the headband when not in use. Plus, they come with comfy acoustic foam ear pads that are a bit bigger than the average. And don't worry, they're not so big that they cover your whole ear. And if you're not a fan of the foam, you can even get replacement leatherette covers.

Now, let's talk about comfort. These headsets have a little bit of padding in the headband, so you won't overheat on those hot summer days (especially for us Queenslanders, we know the struggle is real). Our office tester, Sue, gave these headsets two thumbs up for comfort. Plus, the earcups fold flat for easy storage or travel, and they even come with a convenient drawstring bag.

And for those with long hair, the mono version has an angled head pad that won't yank out clumps of your hair when you take off the headset. Though do note that the mono version doesn't have active noise cancelling. That's because mono headsets can't physically have Active Noise Cancelling (ANC), as you need two ear cups to achieve that. Check out our detailed blog post on how ANC works to learn more.

This stereo version of the headset does have Active Noise Cancelling, however. And it's possibly the most affordable headset with ANC on the market. It works by housing tiny microphones in the ear cups that actively cancel out background noise (hence the name), so you can't hear it. So these are perfect if you want to completely block out the outside world and focus on the task at hand. They're also one of the only corded headsets with ANC, which is why they're relatively affordable, as most ANC headsets on the market are wireless and come with a hefty price tag to boot.

Now let's talk about control. These headsets have an integrated control panel that allows you to adjust volume and mute yourself. And depending on the softphone you're using, you might even be able to answer calls with it. How cool is that?

Last but not least, the sound quality is top-notch. As you'd expect from EPOS Sennheiser, the HD quality sound is great for both voice and music. The microphone has noise cancelling to block out background noise and the mic boom is bendable so you can get it positioned perfectly.

In short, the ADAPT 160 is a fantastic choice for business-level communication without breaking the bank. They look sleek, and have all the features you need for a noise cancelling headset.

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What is the Best Budget Wireless Headset?

Shokz OpenComm

Shokz OpenComm 2 Wireless Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headset - Black
13% Off
RRP: $249
Now: $217 inc GST
Save: $32
  • WORKS WITH - Mobile/Tablet
  • Includes USB Charge Cable, Rigid Carry Case
  • Hybrid working flexibility
  • Up to 16 Hours Talk time
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Normally, wireless headsets and budget headsets don't go hand in hand, but this headset is the exception to the rule. It's currently the most affordable wireless headset on the market, but don't let the price fool you - it's far from budget quality.

So what makes the Shokz OpenComm so unique and exciting? It's a bone conduction headset, which means it doesn't go in or over your ears at all. Instead, it sits on the side of your head and transfers sound via vibrations. That's right, you can keep both ears free while still enjoying stereo audio.

This is a huge boon for those of you who take calls while driving, as it allows you to maintain complete situational awareness and stay safe because you can hear with both ears while on calls. And for those of you who work on sites that require hearing protection, this headset is a game-changer. Since it doesn't go directly into the ear, you can wear ear protection and still take calls perfectly fine.

In summary, the Shokz OpenComm is a budget-friendly wireless headset that packs a punch in terms of unique features and practicality. It's a win-win situation for your pocket and your ears.

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What is the Best Budget Mobile Phone Headset?

EPOS Sennheiser Impact SC 635

EPOS|Sennheiser IMPACT SC 635 Mono USB and 3.5mm Corded Headset
30% Off
RRP: $285
Now: $199 inc GST
Save: $86
  • WORKS WITH - Computer + Mobile
  • Top of the range headset
  • ULTRA noise cancelling mic
  • Premium sound quality
  • Leatherette ear cushion
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We recommend these bad boys if you're looking for a solid pair of corded headsets for remote workers using mobile phones or tablets. They come with a ULTRA noise cancelling mic, which means that no matter what's happening on your end of the call, your client will only hear your voice loud and clear.

Not only that, but the audio on these is brilliant, and since they're mono, you can have one ear free to listen to the outside world, making them perfect for taking calls on the road and maintaining situational awareness. Plus, they're super easy to use, just plug them in and you're good to go.

In short, if you're looking for top-of-the-range headsets that will keep your client's ears happy, these corded mobile phone headsets are the way to go.

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What is the Most Affordable Budget Headset?

Plantronics 3210

Plantronics/Poly Blackwire 3210 USB-A Mono Corded Headset
25% Off
RRP: $76
Now: $57 inc GST
Save: $19
  • Skype & MS Teams Certified
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Looking for a budget-friendly headset that doesn't skimp on quality? Look no further, friends! These Blackwires are the most affordable (but still top-notch) headset you can buy without breaking the bank.

The 3320/3310 are perfect for anyone who's working from home and needs a headset for their PC or mobile phone. They're also Skype and MS Teams certified, and an excellent Zoom headset. Plus, you'll get a noise-cancelling mic, a secure fit, and a lightweight headband that'll allow you to wear them comfortably all day long.

If you're looking to buy a bunch of headsets for your team, or are on a tight budget, these Plantronics wired headsets are the way to go. You won't have to compromise on quality even though they're budget-friendly. You'll get excellent inbound audio, and a dynamic EQ feature that adapts to music and multimedia so you can have your cake and eat it too.

So, if you're in the market for a corded headset, these affordable but quality headsets are definitely worth considering.

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Buy Affordable Headsets at Simply Headsets

When it comes to budget headsets, there are plenty of options available that offer great quality and features without breaking the bank. From wired and wireless to noise-cancelling, there's a headset out there to fit your needs, whatever they may be. And if you're looking to get headsets for your team, bulk discounts may be available to help stretch your budget even further.

For more advice on budget headsets, or to chat about larger orders, head on over to Simply Headsets today. Our team of experts are ready to help you find the perfect headset for your needs, at a price that works for you. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call on 1300 889 728 or visit us online to start shopping for your next budget headset today!