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Jabra Motion Office Bluetooth Headset - DISCONTINUED

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  • WORKS WITH - Desk Phone + PC + Mobile
  • Earhook style
  • BT headset
  • Sexy colour touch screen
  • 150m wireless range
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What's in The Box
Product Overview

Jabra Motion Office Bluetooth Headset

The long awaited Jabra Motion Office is here - this is the replacement for the Jabra GO 6470. One headset to rule them all and hold dominion over your mobile, tablet, PC or laptop as well as your traditional desk phone.

Other tri-fecta headsets such as the Jabra Pro 9470 and Plantronics W700 series only work in the office but the actual headset part of the Motion Office is Bluetooth so it works out of the office and has all the latest technology for ease of use and great sound.

If you’re looking to answer calls away from your desk you'll need a GN1000 handset lifter or an Electronic Hook Switch (aka Jabra Link) depending on the phone you have (call our staff for assistance). The GN1000 fits on your telephone base and lifts the hand piece up or down when you push a button on your headset, letting you answer and hang up on calls from anywhere in the office. Just add the headset to your cart, follow the prompts to get a lifter and enter your model phone and our clever nanobots will tell you exactly what you need. If your phone isn't on our list, just give our friendly staff a call and they shall work it out for you.

So let's start by reviewing...

If you are in and out of the office and only want to choose one headset, this is it. If you bought a great mobile headset like the Voyager Legend UC you’d be up for around $200. Then when you factor in buying a good office wireless headset (say for around $275) you’re at around the same money but then you have two headsets for everything – not one. The Motion Office will do everything for you and it looks good too!

The Good

The amount of tech ploughed into this headset is stunning; NFC for one touch pairing - just tap the headset to your (NFC enabled) mobile or tablet and BOOM - it's paired. Answering a call? Just put the headset on and start speaking. Of course you could also use the voice controls to answer if you prefer.

In the office the Motion lives up to it's name and will give you a phenomenal 100m reception range (exceptional for a Bluetooth device), and outside you’ll be able to roam 25m away from your mobile phone. There’s even a 100 hour standby time and super-quick 50 minute full battery charge.

As a Bluetooth device the Office will connect to any computer, iPad, iPhone, smart device or technology that is Bluetooth compatible. This means you can use it almost anywhere. Finally, there’s one good quality headset for everything in and out of the office! The headset also comes with a carry pouch, USB charging cable and Link 360 USB dongle so it's perfect for travel.

_Planning a mass deployment? Jabra Xpress lets you configure devices remotely from a central point and gives you a complete overview of all audio devices

A little secret is…

because the Motion Office can connect to your computer, it means that any music you have saved on your PC can also be listened to through the computer mode of the headset. Having some personal music to listen to quietly and discreetly is a great little bonus for staff. As soon as a call comes in and you pick up the call, the music stops. When you hang up the call you simply touch the computer icon on screen and the music starts again. How cool is that?

And here’s a great safety feature:

Jabra Safe Tone technology allows the Motion to be noise-at-work compliant, protecting your hearing by cutting off sound spikes and sudden loud noises.

Set-up is a breeze and it’s as simple as following the Smart Set-Up Wizard on the touch screen. Pull it out of the box and even the most technologically challenged among us will be using it within minutes. It is that clever and that simple.

But remember, if you’re looking to answer calls away from your desk you’ll need to buy a remote lifter (GN 1000 lifter in the accessories tab. If you have a modern phone, give us a call to check compatibility).

The Not-So-Good

The limitations are not within the Jabra Motion Office per se, but more about Bluetooth technology in general. In an office, a Bluetooth device is never quite as good as a wireless DECT 6.0 technology. That said, this is the latest and greatest (as at May 2014) model with all the technology possible for the best quality sound.

So unless you need more than the 100m range and 8 hour talk time, you can ignore the previous paragraph. But if you do, either buy the Jabra Pro 9470 (for use with your mobile inside the office only) or buy 2 different headsets – one for your mobile and another for your computer/office.

The Office has just one wearing style, it's an unusual (but comfortable and stable) over and under ear model with ear gels. Sorry, no headband option. This headset has an adjustment we've not come across before - you can adjust the length of the part that goes from the top of your ear down to the part that goes in your ear. So if you have larger or smaller ears and have problems getting the right fit in over the ear headsets, this may be the answer to your prayers!

Some people love taking the one headset in and out of the office, whereas other users don’t because they have Bluetooth car kits or modern cars that are Bluetooth-enabled already. If that’s the case, then save money and go for a computer/office headset like the Jabra Pro 9450 or any of the latest Plantronics SAVI W710, 720 or 740 - instead of the Motion

The Verdict

If you want a headset to take care of all your devices in and out of the office, then this is it. 100m range, reasonable battery life, sexy touch screen interface, clever user-friendly features; this headset has it all. You can see even more details and features under the 'Features' tab

Other Headsets You Should Consider Before Buying

If you don’t need the mobile phone functionality at all then save your money and buy the very good Jabra Pro 9450. Or if you’re not a Jabra brand loyalist then the latest Sennheiser DW Office is an absolute standout. If you don't need the PC connectivity, but need mobile and desk phones, the Jabra Pro 925.Jabra Pro 925 is a great value headband option.

If you don’t want to use it on the road but still want the 3-in-one flexibility on the office, then the Jabra Pro 9470 has the same touch screen interface, plus it has superior wireless DECT 6.0 technology, not Bluetooth. In this case you’d also put the Plantronics Savi W700 series in the mix.

No matter which of these leading headsets you choose, you’ll change the way you work forever!


SKU 6670-904-103
Product Type Computer Wireless, Mobile Bluetooth, Office Wireless
Superseeded By 9555-583-117
Standby Time 15 days
Type of Wireless Technology Bluetooth
Talk Time 8 hrs
Warranty 2 Year
Wearing Style Over the ear + earbud
How Does it Connect Base unit to phone RJ (handset/headset port), Bluetooth, Computer Bluetooth (dongle), USB
Software Compatabilty Apple, Dragon Naturally Speaking, MacSpeech, Skype , Unified Communications, Voice Recognition Software , Windows
Speaker Frequency Response 150-6800Hz
Speaker size 14.8mm
Mic Frequency Response 150-6800Hz
Headset Weight 17.5g
Coverage Range Bluetooth range , Wireless Range
Charge Time 120 min
Coverage Range [Bluetooth] Up to 10m from most mobiles
Coverage Range [Wireless] Up to 100m to base unit when in use with desk phone
Best Suited For Noisy Office, Quiet Office
Audio Properties Enhanced (DSP) Digital Sound Porcessing , Noise cancelling mic , Peakstop Protection, Wideband Audio, Wideband mic
This product is featured in Discontinued, Discontinued

Busylight Avoid call interruptions with the Busylight indicator

Jabra Busylight helps you to cope with the open office environment challenges and let people clearly know you are on the phone. The indicator turns red when you are on a call and keep you from being interrupted.

Call Assist Call Assist lets you take a call without a click

Jabra’s intelligent Call Assist lets you take a call without a click. Built in Motion Sensor technology turns the headset on when you pick it up or touch it, and automatically answers the call when you place it on your ear. If you are already wearing the headset, you can accept or reject a call using just your voice.

HD Voice – Wideband Audio High quality audio for crystal clear conversations

Enjoy high-definition sound with HD Voice and get crystal clear, intelligible communication. You get life-like, vibrant conversations where you can focus on the content and don’t have to struggle to understand what the person on the other end of the line is saying.

HiFi Audio Streaming Stream music, podcasts and GPS directions

Jabra Bluetooth® devices featuring A2DP allow you to stream music, podcasts, and even GPS directions in HiFi quality to give you enhanced sound experience.

Intelligent Volume Control Adjusts call volume automatically

With Jabra Intelligent Volume Control, you are now free from touching the volume control. The audio level adapts automatically to the interference noise around you, allowing you to hear what is being said wherever you are.

Jabra Connect Customize your headset and control your devices

The Jabra Connect app interacts actively with your headset and lets you customize your user experience to suit your preferences as well as control all your calls on multiple devices.

Noise Blackout™ Safe sound and superior hearing protection

PeakStop™ technology immediately removes potentially harmful loud sounds or tones before they reach your ears and keeps the sound level within the safe range to protect your hearing.

Power Nap Mode Automatically enters power nap mode

With Jabra Power Nap Mode, you can now leave your headset in the car or on your desk for days and still have it ready when you are. Your device automatically goes into sleeping mode when inactive. A great power management feature that gives you more talk-time, less charging.

SafeTone™ Enhanced hearing protection

Jabra SafeTone™ includes Jabra PeakStop™ and Jabra IntelliTone™, the enhanced hearing protection technology. Benefit from clear, crisp and automatic limitation of average volume exposure during your workday according to acoustic standards and regulations. A feature that offers you significant confidence, safety and comfort while enhancing the quality of your communication.

Smartphone & Tablet Ready Ready for use with the latest smartphones/tablets

Your Jabra device is designed with future-ready technology to be fully compatible with the latest smartphones and tablets on the market.

Tap-To-Connect Connects devices with a simple touch

Near Field Communication technology (NFC) makes it easy for your Jabra device to instantly connect and interact with phones, tablets, and interactive tags. It requires no more than a simple touch. Just tap the phone and the Jabra device together and you are ready to talk or stream your music.

Voice Controls Be notified and take control with your voice

Jabra Voice Controls cover both Voice Commands and Voice Guidance functionalities. With Voice Commands, you can answer/reject a call, play music, call back, and so on. Your own words control your device. Voice Guidance verbally notifies you of crucial status updates, such as connectivity and low battery.

Wind Noise Protection Block intrusive wind noise

Wind Noise Protection enables you to keep the thread of your conversation in open air environments without any interference. Walk, bike, run, work outside and talk with no need to raise your voice or shout to be heard.

8-Hour Battery Life Talk up to 8 hours with no battery life concerns

A wireless audio device would not be a useful tool without an incredible battery life. Even with so much performance packed into such a small space, it still lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge. So you can talk and work as long as you want.

Jabra Software Applications Easy device configuration and softphone integration

Multi-device Connectivity Manage all your calls from one single headset

Multi-device connectivity technology lets you manage phone calls from several different devices such as desk phones, tablets, PCs and smartphones, with one single headset. You get greater flexibility and enhanced user experience.

Remote Asset Management Remote mass deployment and device management

Configure and implement the company’s audio devices 100% remotely from one central point. You get the latest features and functionalities on one go with Jabra Xpress, a web-based solution. You can also get a complete overview of all Jabra audio devices installed in the IT network with Jabra Xpress’ asset management component.

UC Plug-And-Play Plug-and-play with all leading UC platforms

Jabra devices feature intuitive call control and seamless connection to all leading UC applications and softphones. They are easy to set up and easy to use, leaving you free from any installation expertise or extensive training requirement.

100 Meter/300 Feet Wireless Freedom Hands-free communication up to 100 meters/300 feet

Featuring Bluetooth® Class 1, your Jabra device enables you to connect to a vast range of devices from smart phones and tablets to laptop computers. You get a wireless mobility up to 100 meters/300 feet giving you full control of your handsfree Jabra voice solutions. You can call and multitask on your terms.

Hot Desking Empower mobile workers with a flexible office environment

Save time, money and office space and give mobile employees a more flexible work environment. Jabra Motion Office enables multiple employees to use the same office space at different times. Just plug in your headset to any Jabra Motion Office base and you’re ready to work

Manufacturers Description

JABRA MOTION SERIES The only headset you'll ever need

The Jabra Motion series let you focus on the conversation, not technology, with intuitive features that adapt to your environment and movement. Connect to all your phones using one headset and transfer calls between phones as you head out the door. Roam up to 100 m/300 ft and enjoy all-day talk time with exceptional call quality and comfort.

ONE HEADSET FOR ALL YOUR PHONES Features multiple phone connectivity, so you can stay connected to all your phones using the same headset. Transfer calls from your desk phone or VoIP softphone to your mobile and continue your call as you head out the door.

EASY AND INTUITIVE CALL CONTROL Built-in sensors ensure you never miss a call. When picked up, the headset automatically answers incoming calls and intuitively adjusts the volume to your surroundings. Answer calls using voice commands, or use the foldable boom arm.

SUPERIOR CALL QUALITY AND ALL-DAY TALK TIME Experience crystal clear call quality wherever you are - even in noisy, windy environments. The intuitive ‘Power Nap’ mode makes the headset power down when not in use to give you more talk time.

CUSTOM FIT FOR OPTIMAL COMFORT Unique design enables you to adjust the height of the speaker housing arm for maximum comfort. And, three ear gel tips are included for a perfect fit.

BEST-IN-CLASS 100 M/300 FT WIRELESS RANGE Tired of being tied to your desk? Have the freedom to move about in and outside of the office space up to a range of 100m/300ft from your phone without having to put your call on hold.


Customer Reviews

  • Ease of Setup
  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use

two words: GET ONE. this is just a completely solid wireless set. In all areas. I've never had an issue in 17 months!
Review by (Posted on )

  • Ease of Setup
  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use

I installed this about 2 weeks ago and its been amazing. The range is long, instantly connects when switching from device to headset, clear sounds. Doesn't fit as well as an overhead headset but still light and comfortable.
Review by (Posted on )

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What's in The Box
  • Headset
  • Touchscreen base
  • Wall charger
  • Micro-USB cable (long)
  • Telephone cable
  • Soft Pouch
  • Jabra Link 360 (USB dongle)
  • Eargels (SML)
  • Mircro USB cable (short)
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