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In today's fast-paced work environment, staying connected and accessible is key. Imagine being able to answer calls while on the move or away from your desk, ensuring productivity and responsiveness. That's where a handset lifter comes into play. These nifty devices, also referred to as remote answering devices, offer a convenient solution for professionals seeking communication flexibility.

In this blog post, we will explore the world of handset lifters, delving into their definition, functionality, and benefits. We'll compare them to electronic hookswitches, another option for remote call handling. Understanding how handset lifters work and their interaction with wireless headsets will provide valuable insights into their seamless operation.

Let's dive into what handset lifters are, how they work and how they can revolutionise your workflow.

What is a Handset Lifter?

A handset lifter is a clever device that plays a crucial role in enabling hands-free communication. Simply put, it is like having a robotic assistant for your phone handset. By attaching to your phone, the lifter can physically lift the handset to answer incoming calls and hang it up when you're finished, mimicking the actions a person would perform - and saving you the time and effort of having to do it yourself. This functionality proves especially valuable when you find yourself away from your desk but still need to answer calls promptly. No more running to the phone in a race to answer the phone before the call ends!

While a lifter serves as a solution for answering calls remotely, it's essential to note that there are alternative options available depending on the model of your handset. One such option is an electronic hookswitch, which offers a distinct advantage over lifters. Unlike lifters, electronic hookswitches have no moving parts. Instead, they answer and end calls on the phone electronically, without needing to physically lift and lower the handset. This integration with the phone system allows for seamless call engagement without the need for physical lifting. The choice between a lifter and an electronic hookswitch largely depends on your specific handset model and preferences, we'll explore electronic hookswitches (EHS) in more detail shortly.

Below is a video we made that summarises how handset lifters and electronic hookswitches work in a quick and simple way.

How Do Handset Lifters Work?

Now that we have a basic understanding of what a handset lifter is, let's delve into how these nifty devices actually work. Handset lifters operate through a simple yet effective mechanism that enables remote call handling with the use of a wireless headset paired with your deskphone.

When you're away from your desk and wearing a wireless headset, the headset itself serves as your means of receiving incoming call notifications. If there's an incoming call, the headset will emit a beep or a tone to alert you. To answer the call, all you need to do is press the designated button on the side of the headset. This button press triggers a signal that is transmitted to the wireless handset lifter or electronic hookswitch attached to your phone.

In the case of a lifter, the lifter receives the signal and then physically lifts the phone handset, engaging the call. This mechanical action allows you to answer the call without needing to be physically present at your desk. Once the call is complete, pressing the button on your headset again sends a signal to the lifter, instructing it to lower the handset and hang up.

On the other hand, an electronic hookswitch operates slightly differently. Instead of physically lifting the handset, it communicates directly with the phone system, leveraging its intelligence to remotely answer and end calls. This method eliminates the need for any mechanical movement and relies solely on the integration between the headset, phone system, and electronic hookswitch.

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What is an Electronic Hookswitch?

In addition to traditional handset lifters, there's another option for efficient remote call handling: the electronic hookswitch (EHS). Operating similarly to a lifter, an electronic hookswitch lets you answer calls remotely, without physically needing to pick up the phone, and lets you talk on the call with your wireless headset.

Unlike lifters, electronic hookswitches integrate directly with your phone system, delivering seamless call handling without any mechanical lifting. When a call comes in and you press the button on your wireless headset to answer, the electronic hookswitch sends a signal to the phone system, instructing it to pick up the call. Similarly, when you press the button to end the call, the electronic hookswitch communicates with the phone system to hang up.

One of the primary advantages of electronic hookswitches is their absence of moving parts. This eliminates wear and tear, potentially extending the device's lifespan. Additionally, electronic hookswitches offer a streamlined user experience by leveraging the intelligence of the phone system. This integration ensures smooth communication without the need for physical lifting or additional components.

It's important to consider handset compatibility when choosing between a lifter and an electronic hookswitch. Not all phone systems support electronic hookswitches, so verifying compatibility is essential. Additionally, while electronic hookswitches offer durability and integration advantages, they may have a higher initial cost compared to traditional lifters.

When weighing your options, consider your specific needs, preferences, and compatibility requirements. Both lifters and electronic hookswitches provide the convenience of remote call handling, but with different approaches. Choose the solution that best suits your workflow and enhances your communication efficiency.

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The Role of Handset Lifters in Remote Communications

Now that we have explored how handset lifters and electronic hookswitches work, let's take a closer look at their role in facilitating remote communication. Handset lifters are invaluable tools for professionals in various industries who need to stay connected while on the move or away from their desks.

For IT professionals, handset lifters offer unparalleled convenience. They often find themselves troubleshooting technical issues throughout the office or managing server rooms, making it impractical to remain at their desks at all times. With a lifter in place, IT professionals can roam freely while still being accessible to incoming calls. This level of mobility allows them to promptly address urgent matters without the need for constant back-and-forth between their workstations and the task at hand.

Salespeople, who are frequently on the go, can also benefit greatly from handset lifters. Whether they are attending meetings, visiting clients, or maneuvering through a busy sales floor, having the ability to answer calls promptly can make a significant impact on their productivity and customer service. With a lifter in place, salespeople never have to worry about missing important calls or leaving potential clients waiting on hold.

Receptionists, often the first point of contact for incoming calls, can optimise their efficiency with the help of handset lifters. By eliminating the need to physically rush to their desks each time a call comes in, receptionists can handle their responsibilities with greater ease. Whether they are managing inquiries, transferring calls, or providing information, the lifter ensures that receptionists are always accessible to callers, enhancing overall customer experience.

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Practical Applications and Use Cases of a Handset Lifter

Now that we have explored the functionality and benefits of handset lifters, let's delve into some practical applications and use cases where these devices prove invaluable.

  1. IT Professionals: IT personnel often find themselves moving around the office to address technical issues. With a handset lifter, they can answer calls while troubleshooting, ensuring they are always reachable to resolve urgent matters promptly.
  2. Salespeople: Sales professionals are constantly on the go, attending meetings and visiting clients. A lifter enables them to answer calls while on the move, improving their responsiveness and customer service.
  3. Receptionists: Receptionists serve as the first point of contact for incoming calls. A lifter allows them to answer calls promptly without having to rush back to their desks, ensuring smooth communication and efficient customer service.
  4. Remote Workers: For individuals working remotely, a lifter provides the flexibility to answer calls even if they are not at their designated workspace. This enables them to maintain accessibility and productivity while away from their home office.
  5. Multitaskers: If you're someone who juggles multiple tasks throughout the day, a lifter can be a game-changer. Whether you're attending to paperwork, organising files, or collaborating with colleagues, you can answer calls seamlessly without interrupting your workflow.
  6. Customer Service Representatives: Customer service professionals can greatly benefit from the convenience of a lifter. They can handle customer inquiries, resolve issues, and transfer calls while having the freedom to move around their workspace.
  7. Call Centres: In call centre environments, where operators handle a high volume of calls, lifters streamline the workflow by reducing the time needed to answer and end calls. This efficiency translates to improved customer service and increased productivity.

By implementing handset lifters, professionals in various industries can optimise their communication workflow and improve accessibility. Whether you're an IT specialist, salesperson, receptionist, or remote worker, these devices enable you to stay connected, enhance productivity, and provide excellent customer service.

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Understanding Limitations: Call Transfer and Functionality

While handset lifters provide the convenience of remote call answering, it's important to note their limitations when it comes to certain phone functions. One such limitation is the inability to transfer calls directly from the headset.

When using a handset lifter, transferring calls typically requires the use of the buttons on the phone handset itself. If you need to transfer a call to another extension or department, you would need to physically walk back to your desk and utilise the transfer functionality available on the phone.

Similarly, functions such as placing calls on hold or initiating conference calls often require interaction with the phone handset buttons. These actions cannot be performed directly from the headset and necessitate the physical presence at the desk.

It's important to consider these limitations when determining the suitability of a lifter for your specific needs. If call transferring or advanced phone functions are an integral part of your daily tasks, you may need to explore alternative solutions or consider a different approach, such as utilising a wireless headset that offers integrated call control features or an electronic hookswitch.

However, for individuals whose primary focus is on receiving and ending calls while on the move or away from the desk, handset lifters remain a highly effective and practical solution. They ensure accessibility, enable prompt call handling, and enhance overall communication efficiency.

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Factors Affecting Handset Lifter Performance and Range

When considering the implementation of a handset lifter, it's essential to understand the factors that can impact its performance and range. Several elements can influence the effectiveness of your lifter setup and the range of your wireless headset.

  1. Room Environment: The physical characteristics of your workspace play a significant role in signal transmission. Obstacles such as walls, partitions, furniture, or equipment can obstruct the wireless signal, potentially reducing the effective range of the headset and lifter. The materials used in your office, such as metal or glass, can also interfere with the signal.
  2. Interference: Other electronic devices operating in close proximity to your headset and lifter can cause signal interference. Devices like Wi-Fi routers, cordless phones, or even fluorescent lighting can affect the signal quality. It's essential to identify and minimise potential sources of interference to optimise the performance of your lifter setup.
  3. Headset Model and Manufacturer: The quality and specifications of the wireless headset itself can impact the range and performance. Different headset models and manufacturers may have varying signal strengths and transmission capabilities. It's advisable to choose a reputable brand and consider the specifications of the headset to ensure optimal performance.
  4. Lifter Placement: How you place the lifter on the phone itself will have an impact. For example, if you don't have the lifter sitting high enough under the receiver, the top part of the receiver can become top heavy so the lifter cant lift properly. Likewise if it is up too high the phone may not be able to hang up properly. The angle the phone sits on will also play havoc with a lifter, if the phone is on too much of an angle when the lifter lifts the receiver up, the receiver can slide out of place meaning it wont hang the call up. So it's important to ensure you place the lifter on the phone correctly!
  5. Range Specifications: It's important to be aware of the range specifications provided by the manufacturer. While some claim ranges of up to 130 meters (426 feet), these numbers are typically based on ideal conditions and line-of-sight scenarios. Real-world environments may result in reduced range, so it's essential to consider these specifications as a general guideline rather than a guarantee.

By taking these factors into account and making appropriate adjustments, you can optimise the performance and range of your wireless headset and handset lifter setup. Conducting tests, repositioning the lifter if necessary, and minimising sources of interference can help ensure reliable and effective communication.

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Imagine the freedom of answering and ending calls from anywhere in your office. The HL10 II Lifter, specially designed for EPOS/Sennheiser headsets, empowers you to roam freely without the need to constantly rush back to your desk. Whether you're grabbing a cup of coffee or collaborating with colleagues, you can effortlessly manage your calls without missing a beat.

The SDW 5000 series offers three impressive variants, all of which are compatible with Skype for Business and major softphone applications. Our spotlight is on the Mono version, featuring a comfortable headband that's perfect for those who prefer this classic style. The broader headband provides extra comfort for sensitive heads, ensuring long-lasting wearability throughout your day. The flexible microphone boom allows you to position it just right, guaranteeing crystal-clear conversations.

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Wrapping Up

In the dynamic world of business, staying connected and accessible is crucial. Handset lifters offer a practical solution for professionals who need to be mobile while handling phone calls. Whether you choose a lifter or an electronic hookswitch, these devices empower you to answer and end calls remotely, giving you the freedom to move around your office without missing any important conversations.

So, whether you're an IT guru troubleshooting technical glitches, a sales ace closing deals on the go, or a multitasking receptionist juggling calls from various locations, a handset lifter is your trusted companion. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of this remarkable technology, and unlock the true potential of your wireless headset. Stay connected, stay mobile, and stay ahead of the game with a handset lifter by your side!

Remember, the world is your office, and with a lifter, you can take it with you wherever you go.

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