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If you've ever purchased quality stereo headsets, you already know how great they can be. They cover both ears, block out most of the noise and make it easy to focus. But I wonder if you’ve noticed how often you have to take them off every day? When your workmate rushes over to tell you about the latest office gossip, your supervisor needs to tell you something, or if you work from home every time your kids come into the room to ask about life's essential questions like “Why isn’t my skin blue?” (My 4yo asked me that!). Mono headsets won’t help you answer those questions, but you can keep them on and listen to your environment around you. And when your best mate at work wants to talk about the footy, you can do it without taking your headset off.

What is a Mono Headset?

The simplest way of explaining a mono headset is to say that it has one ear cup instead of two. This allows one ear free and one to listen with. The sound quality is still fantastic, and you’ll still be able to listen to music on your breaks. It’s just that when you’re interrupted, you won’t have to take them off. If you work in an environment where you take lots of calls but still need to communicate with your colleagues regularly, then a pair of mono headsets are for you.

Why Do People Prefer to Wear Mono Headsets at Work?

If you’ve ever worked in a busy office or household with kids, you’ll know why there’s a preference for mono headsets. If interrupted, you can deal with the issues and move on quickly instead of taking your headset off, saying “What?” or “Hey?” twenty times a day. If you’re a hybrid worker who shares time between the home and office, you might prefer to have a stereo and a mono headset. It all depends on whether you want to block out the rest of the world to concentrate on conferences or essential client meetings where you can’t be interrupted, or if you’re taking a few customer enquiries where you prefer to keep an ear free to multitask. A set of stereo and mono headsets allows you to use either, depending on what you’re doing.

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Are Mono Headsets Comfortable?

Absolutely. There’s no significant difference in comfort between stereo and mono headsets. But the mono versions are lighter on your head and therefore less likely to cause neck and shoulder problems. The best mono headsets from respected brands are built for comfort and all-day wear. The single ear cup may take a bit of getting used to if you’ve only ever worn stereo headsets, but comfort won’t be an issue aside from that.

What Brands Sell the Best Mono Headsets?

For starters, Simply Headsets only stock the most respected and trusted brands of mono headsets. Jabra is a brand that people keep returning to, and they’re one of the highest-selling headset brands for a reason, as is Plantronics. Both offer comfort, style and reliability, and you can’t go wrong if you choose either. EPOS/Sennheiser also offers top-notch quality mono headsets that will give you brilliant audio and a stylish look and come highly recommended by our headset gurus.

What are the Best Mono Headsets for Work in 2024?

Now you know what they are and how they work, what’s the best mono headset for you? You’ve come to the right place because the headset geeks at Simply Headsets have gathered their collective knowledge in this article and come up with a list that has everything you’ll ever need in a mono headset. So whether you’re buying your first pair, or you’ve decided to have a stereo and mono pair to complement each other, there’s one here for you!

  1. Best DECT Wireless Mono Headset - Jabra Engage 75
  2. Best Bluetooth Wireless Mono Headset - Jabra Evolve2 65
  3. Best Wired Mono Headset - Jabra Evolve 40
  4. Best USB-C Mono Headset - Plantronics Blackwire 5210
  5. Best Mobile Phone Mono Headset - EPOS Impact MB Pro 1
  6. Best Teams Mono Headset - Yealink WH62
  7. Best Zoom Mono Headset - Jabra Evolve 65

Best DECT Wireless Mono Headset - Jabra Engage 75

Jabra Engage 75 Mono Wireless Headset
21% Off
RRP: $599
Now: $474 inc GST
Save: $125
  • WORKS WITH - Desk Phone + PC + Mobile (2)
  • Headband + Neckband styles included
  • ​Built in busy light
  • Easy Mute buttons
  • ​Up to ​13 Hour Talk Time
Buy Now

This in-office DECT headset is packed with connections that enable you to use them with a desk phone, PC, and mobile. It comes with top-notch sound quality and a directional noise-cancelling microphone. There’s a built-in busy light on the end of the microphone arm, meaning you’ll never (hopefully) be disturbed on a call again. If you work in an office or you’re thinking of purchasing headsets for your staff, you will need to consider density limits. The Engage series has this covered. It has increased density capacity so you can have three times as many headsets in a small space as before. To find out the difference between DECT and Bluetooth, check out our article on the subject.

Best Bluetooth Wireless Mono Headset - Jabra Evolve2 65

Jabra Evolve2 65 UC Mono Headset, USB-A, Black
23% Off
RRP: $435
Now: $337 inc GST
Save: $98
  • 360* Busylight
  • Premium headset
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The Evolve2 65 range work with PC/Mac and Mobile phone. They connect to a computer or laptop via the included USB dongle and directly to your smartphone with Bluetooth. The look and feel of these Jabra mono headsets is high-end, and they’re built for all-day wear. So if style and comfort are your thing, then look no further. You’ll get an incredible 35 hours of talk time with these when they’re fully charged, and you’ll get a busy light on the front AND back of the earcup so your colleagues will have no doubt that you’re on a call.

Best Wired Mono Headset - Jabra Evolve 40

Jabra Evolve2 40 SE UC Mono USB-A Headset
22% Off
RRP: $235
Now: $184 inc GST
Save: $51
  • 360* Busylight
  • Premium headset
Buy Now

Like most wired headsets, these are extremely easy to use. Plug them in, and you’re ready to roll. There’s a noise-cancelling mic with these which means that no matter how noisy your environment is, whomever you’re talking to will only hear your voice. The speakers are made to give you quality sounding calls and are great for listening to music in your downtime. There’s a busy light on the earcup that signals that you’re on a call (or put it on if you need a break!), and the leatherette ear cushion and extra padding on the headband make these a brilliant mono headset choice.

Best USB-C Mono Headset - Plantronics Blackwire 5210

Plantronics/Poly Blackwire 5210 Mono USB-A & 3.5mm Corded Headset
35% Off
RRP: $185
Now: $121 inc GST
Save: $64
  • WORKS WITH - PC (USB-A) + Mobile
  • Folds flat with travel pouch
  • Skype & MS Teams Certified
  • Great for music and voice calls
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Working with your PC, Mac and mobile, these come with a noise cancelling mic, so no one hears the background noise around you. The sound is wideband, so your voice sounds natural and rich - just like you were there in person. Inbound audio is also of excellent quality, and the Dynamic EQ feature automatically adapts to music and multimedia to give you the optimal sound for calls or the fun stuff. Ultra-soft leatherette ear cushions and a lightweight headband means all-day comfort and a secure fit with these, and you’ll get a snazzy design that’s portable and simple to use.

woman wearing noise cancelling mono headsets

Best Mobile Phone Mono Headset - EPOS Impact MB Pro 1

EPOS|Sennheiser IMPACT MB Pro 1 Bluetooth Headset
12% Off
RRP: $245
Now: $216 inc GST
Save: $29
  • WORKS WITH - Mobile ONLY
  • 15 hour talk time
  • ULTRA noise cancelling
  • High comfort
  • Premium audio
  • 25m Bluetooth range
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Use your mobile exclusively with your headsets? These mobile-dedicated mono headsets will be right up your alley. These aren’t just good headsets, they’re fantastic, and we haven't found a better-sounding headset with a longer battery life that is more intelligent or comfortable. The Bluetooth range is 25 metres which is much more than the standard 10 metres and perfect if you need to walk a reasonable distance from your phone. These headsets are remarkably durable as they are meant to be used everywhere - In the office or outside. You’ll get 15 hours of talk time, which is plenty for a worker on the go, and you’ll be able to connect to 8 devices and stay connected to 2 devices at a time—one of the best mono headsets you can buy.

Yealink WH62 Mono UC Wireless Headset
8% Off
RRP: $253
Now: $232 inc GST
Save: $21
  • WORKS WITH - USB Phones + PC
  • Optimised for Yealink phones
  • MAX 160m wireless range
Buy Now

This unique headset is specifically designed for desk phones with a USB Headset port and can connect to a PC/Mac/laptop via a USB cable. It uses DECT, which gives you the best sound quality and range, but you cannot connect this model to mobile, and it must always be used in conjunction with the base unit, so unlike a Bluetooth headset, you'll be able to wander far from your desk and still carry on chatting. There's a busy light on the earcup to show colleagues when you're on a call, and they’re Teams certified, meaning that you’ll gain easy access to all of MS Teams functions and a Teams button to answer calls. This is an excellent Teams mono headset if you’re on a budget and don’t want to compromise on quality.

Best Zoom Mono Headset - Jabra Evolve 65

Jabra Evolve 65 SE MS Mono Bluetooth Headset
20% Off
RRP: $326
Now: $261 inc GST
Save: $65
  • WORKS WITH - Mobile + PC
  • SFB & MS Teams compatible
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Wideband audio
Buy Now

If Zoom is your go-to for video conferencing, these Jabra mono headsets will work seamlessly. This unique headset comes with a Bluetooth USB dongle so you can connect to your PC and use the Bluetooth in the headset to connect directly to a mobile or tablet, making it highly versatile. If you travel for work and make calls and video conferences while you're away, the Evolves will take care of you in every scenario. There’s a noise-cancelling mic to stop the noise from getting through to your clients and padding on the headband for optimal comfort. This is an excellent Zoom mobile headset for mobile workers who like the secure fit of a headband.

Image of man wearing computer mono headsets

Shop our complete collection of Mono Headsets!

Still unsure which mobile headset is the perfect one for you? Feel free to browse our entire collection of mono headsets and if you have any questions, give our headset gurus a call. They’d be happy to help you out, and any purchase you make will come with free LIFETIME support!


How to Wear a Mono Headset?

First, you’ll need to choose whether to wear the speaker on your left or right ear. Then, after positioning the Headset on your head, set the microphone by moving the flexible boom into the correct position (two finger widths away from your mouth). You can swap wearing styles with some models to use them as an ear hook or neckband style.

What Does Mono Headset Mean?

Stereo headsets have two earcups, and mono headsets have one. A mono headset earcup is typically worn comfortably on one ear while keeping the other ear open to listen.

What is the Difference Between Stereo and Mono Headsets?

Mono headsets are often worn in environments where you can take calls while still communicating with colleagues and listening to your surroundings. On the other hand, stereo headsets can cover both ears, and some offer active noise cancelling, which allows for more focus and concentration.