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It’s here! You can relax, grab a cuppa and read all about our recommendations for the best over ear headsets for 2024! That’s right… It’s all here. You’ve been waiting. We know you have. The thing is, you’ve probably been reading previous blog posts (and why wouldn’t you, they’re a thumping good page turner…) and getting all this amazing information and recommendations of different headsets, what’s good for Skype, what’s good for the home office, what’s good for listening to 80’s synthesizer hits – no judgement – but what about the actual fit of the headset? Maybe you want one of those old school sets that came with your Walkman back in 1989 – hello bright orange foam padding! Or maybe it’s ear buds that float your boat? Or maybe… you want to find the perfect over ear headset for you and your larger – and by no means less attractive – ears.

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What Are Over Ear Headsets?

There are some people who like to have one ear on the office and the other on their calls. Because there’s always some office gossip going on that is not to be missed! But if you like to have a fully immersive, comfortable and noise cancelling experience, over ear headsets are your go-to. Not to mention, their comfort level on larger ears is much better. It’s almost like being in your own little oasis of deadlines and statistics while still being sat in the middle of a chatty, fast paced corporate office.

Obviously given the extra material they are a little heavier than their on-ear counterparts, but the advantages far outweigh the heaviness and it’s definitely something you can overcome and get used to.

Why Choose an Over Ear Headset instead of Other Styles?

The best way to answer this is to look at the differences in headsets and why you may prefer an over ear headset.

We’ve spoken about over ear headsets – and will continue to do so further on! But here are some of the other types you can choose between:

On Ear Headsets: Lets be frank. On ear headsets have a smaller ear cup and aren’t quite as effective as blocking out external noise. They don’t create a seal around the ear, so if you’re after that sense of isolation from what’s going on around you, these are probably not the best choice for you.

In Ear Headsets: This is a comfort choice in our opinion. Some people have no problem sitting an earbud into their ear and funnelling the sound directly down the ear canal to the eardrum. There is the added pressure in your ear though - something basically stuck in there. They serve a purpose but they aren’t for everyone.

Mono Headsets: Again, if you want to keep one ear on what’s going on around you, these are the perfect pair for you. They mimic holding a phone to your ear, but some people may find it a little off putting and uncomfortable.

We think it’s safe to say that headsets are purely a personal choice for what works best for you and the environment you’re working in.

Two women casually chatting in the living room, one of them has an over ear headset hanging around her neck

What Features Should You Look for in an Over Ear Headset?

As we mentioned, these babies completely cover the ear which of course gives far superior noise cancelling abilities compared to other types of headsets.

The comfort of the ear cups matters – fit and feel is important and may differ between brands and styles. Given these sit over the entire ear, you want to make sure they fit you for size, so no bits of your outer ear are getting squished all day. And for some of us that also means piercings being smooshed into the skin and cartilage on your ears – Ouch! So test out a few and make sure the size and possible adjustability suits you and your needs.

A good mic is also important for obvious reasons. If you’re using these headsets for zoom conferencing or phone calls the mic has to be good enough to keep your silky smooth tones clear to the listener on the other end.

What Are The Best Over Ear Headsets to Buy in 2024?

Given the different needs of people in office or remote environments, we’ve picked a few of our favourites to go into more detail.

Jabra Evolve2 85

Jabra Evolve2 85 MS Stereo USB-A Headset, Black
27% Off
RRP: $725
Now: $530 inc GST
Save: $195
  • Certified for MS Teams
  • Active Noise Cancelling
  • 360* Busylight
  • Premium headset
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What’s amazing about these beauties? They’re designed for you to use not just at the office but at home too. The fold away mic gives you the flexibility to use them to listen to music while you’re dusting the house and mopping the floors.
Maybe you’re looking to take them on a long train ride to a lovely south coast beach for the holidays? With up to 37 hours of battery life, this Jabra headset has you covered!

With a busy light on both the front and the back of the headset, if you’re in the middle of a call, all your colleagues will be aware – even Susan from accounts who’s trying to sneak up behind you to sign a stack of papers.


EPOS|Sennheiser ADAPT 660 Headset With ANC
12% Off
RRP: $675
Now: $594 inc GST
Save: $81
  • WORKS WITH - PC + Mobile/li>
  • MS Teams Certified
  • Active Noise Cancelling
  • Premium model
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Let’s talk about intelligent for a moment. Sennheiser’s advanced Own-Voice-Detector monitors the environment around you to determine if you’re speaking or not. If it detects your voice, it immediately provides optimal speech intelligibility and reduces any unwanted background noise. Yes, you read that right. Amazing.

If you want everyone thing in one headset – aesthetics, comfort, features and audio quality, this is the headset for you!

 Plantronics Voyager 8200

Plantronics/Poly Voyager 8200 UC B8200 Headset, Black
26% Off
RRP: $760
Now: $561 inc GST
Save: $199
  • WORKS WITH - PC + Mobile
  • Active Noise Cancelling
  • 20 hr talk time
  • Boomless microphone
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This Plantronics headset is almost like a personal assistant with its voice command menu that lets you use your voice answer calls, check the battery level, redial, put the headset into pairing mode along with a stack more command – all voice activated.
It has a volume wheel on one ear with pause/play, previous/next track, call answer end and a mute button. Using the headset controls you can put up to 2 calls on hold, switch between calls and redial the last number you dialled.

Woman wearing open ear headset leans into conversation in huddle room

Why Buy an Over Ear Headset for the Office?

We’ve covered all the nitty gritty points so lets be real. If you want to be in the office, amongst your workmates but you also want that little bit of sanctity and isolation when you’re working, an over ear headset is the choice for you.
Suddenly, your busy, surrounded, and noisy cubicle becomes a haven of peace, and you can conduct meetings and phone calls without having to leave your desk. This comes in particularly handy when trying to avoid Wendy from promotions…

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