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It’s almost hard to believe, but Zoom's video conferencing app has only been around for a decade, and MS Teams and Google Meet have only been with us for five years. The pandemic put the focus on these applications and caused them such enormous growth, making it feel as though they’ve been around for a lot longer. In the last couple of years, Google Meet grew by a factor of thirty, and now 100 million users per day access its services.

Generally speaking, Google Meet is recommended for organisations with less than twenty staff members, but that doesn’t tell you the whole picture.

Why Google Meet?

The first thing you need to consider if you’re comparing Meet to Zoom or MS Teams is that Meet is purely for video conferencing, and that’s all you’ll see when you want to start a meeting. This is fantastic if you want something straightforward to use that has a minimal learning curve.

There are other advantages to Google Meet. Unlike Zoom, Meet users can change or blur their backgrounds during a call, and although both offer excellent security, Meet requires all users to have a Google account. This may seem like a hassle at first, but it adds a level of protection and ensures that it integrates well with other Google products.

Also, you'll get more functionality when using the free version of Meet in a browser than with MS Teams. Google will supply you with around 27 backgrounds, host controls and a whiteboard within the free meeting. Teams, however, require a paid plan to access the same features.

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Do All Headsets Work With Google Meet?

Yes, they do. You’ll have to consider that Google Meet is a desktop application, though, so you’ll need to make sure that your headset can connect to your computer. Our range of computer headsets is an excellent place to browse for starters if you’re unsure. And if you have a Mac, there’s no problem using Google Meet either. All you have to do is grab a Mac-compatible headset, and you’re good to go because all Mac headsets are compatible with Google Meet.

What Type of Headsets Are the Best For Google Meet?

Choosing the right Google Meet headset for you will depend on where you’re working, how you’re working, your personal preferences, and your budget.

Wireless Google Meet Headsets

If you’re a worker that is always on the road and likes having meetings anywhere at any time, wireless headsets should be your first choice. If you work from home and you prefer the freedom of walking around the house while you talk to clients, or you get sick of taking your headphones on and off because you have to go and help the kids or need to make yourself a coffee, then a wireless Google Meet headset will suit you too. Wireless headsets are also more portable and lighter and will give you less stress on your head.

Wired Google Meet Headsets

If you usually work at a fixed desk or don’t mind occasionally taking your headset off, you’ll be happy with a wired Meet Headset. The advantages for you are that they’re simple to set up. Plug them in, and you’re away. There’s no chance of losing your signal because there’s no wireless signal involved. Wired headsets are generally cheaper, too, which is perfect if you’re on a tight budget. Some say that the sound quality is better with wired headsets. That’s debatable, but one thing’s for sure, your sound won’t drop out because of a weak or lost connection.

If you’re still unsure whether wired or wireless is best for you, check out our blog on wired vs wireless headsets.

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Why You Need a Quality Headset For Google Meet

For the best integration with Google Meet, it makes sense to use the best headsets you can. It may be tempting to grab a second-hand pair or the cheapest pair you can find because they’re just a pair of headsets, right? But when you’re in a meeting, and no one can understand what you’re saying because of static or your dog barking in your background, or when your client says “what?” or “Can you repeat that?” numerous times, you might regret your hasty decision. Using the best headset for Google Meet that suits your circumstances should enhance your work-from-home or in-office experience - not hinder it.

What Are the Best Headsets For Google Meet in 2024?

We’ve already established that all headsets work with Google Meet, and you also know that wired and wireless headsets will both work, but which is best for you? We’ve put a list together of a few of the best that our headset experts think you can’t go wrong with. Check these out.

  1. EPOS Sennheiser IMPACT SDW 5066
  2. Plantronics B825 Voyager Focus
  3. Jabra Evolve 75
  4. EPOS Sennheiser IMPACT SC 635
  5. Jabra Evolve 40

EPOS Sennheiser IMPACT SDW 5066

EPOS|Sennheiser IMPACT SDW 5066 Duo Wireless Headset
33% Off
RRP: $846
Now: $570 inc GST
Save: $276
  • WORKS WITH - Desk Phone + PC+ Mobile (2)
  • MS Teams compatible
  • Talk Time up to 14 hrs
  • ULTRA noise cancelling mic
  • Premium audio
  • 180m wireless range
Buy Now

These wireless EPOS headsets will give you premium sound. In fact, it’s probably the best quality inbound and outbound that you’ll find, so if that's your main criteria, you can stop looking! There’s also ultra noise cancelling on these, which is perfect if you’re working in a busy office or like to shut off the rest of the world to concentrate. There’s a busy light on these, so there will be no need to mime to your co-workers or family members that you’re on a call. You can also conference in 3 other headsets, which is great for training or conference calls. This multi-function headset will work seamlessly with Google Meet, and we know you’ll love it.

Plantronics B825 Voyager Focus

Plantronics/Poly B825 Voyager Focus UC Bluetooth Headset With Charging Stand
43% Off
RRP: $600
Now: $340 inc GST
Save: $260
  • WORKS WITH - PC + Mobile
  • ACTIVE Noise Cancelling
  • Charging stand included
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This Bluetooth headset comes equipped with active noise cancelling that transforms your surroundings into a peaceful oasis, giving you complete control over your work environment. Turn it on, turn it off, it's your call. Connect to your smartphone, PC, tablet, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device for seamless communication.

The noise-cancelling mic filters out all the distractions, ensuring that the only voice heard in your video calls is yours. Whether you're in a busy office or a noisy street, this headset delivers crystal clear audio every time. This makes it the perfect accessory for video and voice calls on Google Meet.

Not just for work, these headphones are perfect for music lovers too. Experience premium sound quality and immerse yourself in your favourite tunes. So, if you're looking for a headset that's comfortable, versatile, and delivers top-notch audio, look no further - you've found the one.

Jabra Evolve 75

Jabra Evolve 75 SE UC Stereo ANC Bluetooth Headset
31% Off
RRP: $499
Now: $345 inc GST
Save: $154
  • WORKS WITH - Mobile + PC
  • Active Noise Cancelling
  • Busy lights
  • Wideband audio
  • Use for work and play
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These Jabra’s give you everything you need while you’re working and are also great for play. Like all headsets in the Jabra range, you’ll get great audio for calls and music production in your downtime without compromising sound quality. They come with active noise cancelling and a ‘listen in’ function. So at the touch of a button, there’s a potential eavesdropping opportunity! You’ll get busy lights on both earcups, so you’ll be able to concentrate with fewer interruptions, and when these Bluetooth headsets are fully charged, you’ll get 15 hours of talk time.

EPOS Sennheiser Impact SC 635

EPOS|Sennheiser IMPACT SC 635 Mono USB and 3.5mm Corded Headset
30% Off
RRP: $285
Now: $199 inc GST
Save: $86
  • WORKS WITH - Computer + Mobile
  • Top of the range headset
  • ULTRA noise cancelling mic
  • Premium sound quality
  • Leatherette ear cushion
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These are top-of-the-range headsets, and we recommend them if you’re looking for the best pair of corded headsets for Google Meet. They work with computers and mobile and come with ULTRA noise cancelling which means that no matter what is happening on your end of the call, your client won’t hear anything but your voice. There’s brilliant audio on these, and because they’re mono, you can have an ear free to check what the kids are doing or ensure you won’t miss the doorbell ringing. It’s dead easy to use these, simply plug them in, and you’re off. You can’t do much better than this pair of corded google meet headsets.

Jabra Evolve 40

From: $108 inc GST
  • Works With - Mobile phone/tablet + PC
  • Popular headset
  • Leatherette ear cushions
  • In-line audio controls
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This premium headset from one of the leaders in the headset space is ideal If you travel for work and make calls and video conferences while you're away, as they can take care of every scenario. They’re mono, so you can take calls and still hear what’s happening in your surroundings. They’ll work with your PC or mobile and come with a ‘busy’ indicator light for fewer interruptions. The microphone integrates into the headband, so you won’t look silly when you’re on the way home from work listening to music. If you’re looking for a stylish, affordable headset that does everything you need, this one might be what you’re looking for when using Google Meet.

Image of man wearing Google Meet Headset

See Our Full Collection of Google Meet Headsets

Simply Headsets has a headset that’s just right for you, just waiting for you to choose it. If you’re still unsure which Google Meet headset to choose, give one of our headset gurus a call on 1300 889 728, and we’ll help you out. We love chatting about headsets, and we know our stuff!