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Desk Phone + Mobile Headsets

Discover unparalleled communication capabilities for your home or office with our premium range of multi-device headsets at Simply Headsets. These top-notch headsets are meticulously engineered to effortlessly connect with both desk phones and mobile phones, delivering unparalleled performance and adaptability. Embark on a journey through our extensive selection of multi-device headsets and revolutionise your communication experience with unwavering, high-fidelity audio.

5 Items

  1. MSRP: $599
    From: $474 inc GST
    $474 Inc GST
    Save: $125
    • Works With - Desk Phone + PC/Mac + Mobile (x2)
    • ​Built in busy light
    • Easy Mute buttons
    • ​Up to ​13 Hour Talk Time
  2. MSRP: $756
    From: $570 inc GST
    $570 Inc GST
    Save: $186
    • Works With - Desk Phone + PC/Mac + Mobile/Tablet
    • Up to 13 hours of talk time on a single charge
    • ANC in Stereo (8420) options
    • DECT Wireless Headset
    • Base unit also compatible with 7300, 7400 series
  3. MSRP: $399
    $332 inc GST

    $332 Inc GST
    Save: $67
    • WORKS WITH - Desk Phone + Mobile
    • Over head wearing style
    • Up to 12 hours talk time
    • Outstanding value
    • Ear hook available
  4. MSRP: $512
    $475 inc GST

    $475 Inc GST
    Save: $37
    • Bluetooth Wireless mono headsets
    • Includeds workstation with 3 colours touch screen
    • mobile/ PC/ Deskphone connectivity
    • Carrying case with built in battery
    • with USB A dongle
    • 10 hours talk time and 20 hours battery life
  5. MSRP: $896
    From: $555 inc GST
    $555 Inc GST
    Save: $341
    • Works With - Desk Phone + PC/Mac (USBA) + Mobile/Tablet
    • 3 wearing styles in the box
    • Unlimited Battery Life
    • DECT Wireless Headset
    • Base unit also compatible with 7300, 7400 series

Why are multi-device headsets a great choice for computer and mobile phone use?

Multi-device headsets offer the convenience of connecting to both computers and mobile phones, allowing seamless communication across different devices. With these headsets, you can easily switch between your computer and mobile phone without the need for multiple headsets or complicated setups, ensuring flexibility and productivity in both work and personal settings.

Can I use these headsets with different computer operating systems and mobile platforms?

Absolutely! Our multi-device headsets are designed to be compatible with various computer operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as popular mobile platforms like iOS and Android. You can enjoy seamless connectivity and superior audio quality, regardless of the devices you use.

How do I connect a multi-device headset to my computer and mobile phone?

Connecting a multi-device headset to your computer and mobile phone is a breeze. Most headsets offer versatile connectivity options such as USB, Bluetooth, or wired connections. For computers, you can connect via USB or Bluetooth, depending on the headset model. For mobile phones, you can pair the headset using Bluetooth or use the wired connection if available. The headset's user manual will provide detailed instructions for your specific model.

Can I use a multi-device headset for both calls and multimedia?

Absolutely! Multi-device headsets are designed to handle both calls and multimedia seamlessly. Whether you need to make or receive phone calls, participate in video conferences, or enjoy music and media, these headsets deliver exceptional audio performance and versatility. You can easily switch between different audio sources without compromising quality.

Are there wireless options available for multi-device headsets?

Yes! We offer a wide range of wireless multi-device headsets that provide freedom of movement and convenience. With wireless connectivity options like Bluetooth, you can enjoy hands-free communication while maintaining excellent audio quality and range. Explore our selection of wireless multi-device headsets to find the perfect solution for your computer and mobile phone needs.