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Easy Returns

Our primary goal is to give you advice and service that will exceed your expectations, even before you've purchased a headset from us. We understand that sometimes you don't end up with the product you were expecting, but we hope to reduce the chance of that happening by encouraging you to call us before you buy. That way, we know we can do everything possible to ensure your headset is fit for purpose and compatible with your office technology.

Eligibility for Easy Returns

To be eligible for our Easy Returns, all we ask is that you call our team before you make your purchase, so they can offer their expert advice and increase the likelihood of you getting the right headset the first time.

If you've had a chat with our team before buying, but your Simply Headsets delivery arrives and either doesn't suit your needs or isn't quite what you expected, you don't have to arrange couriers or pay for postage in order to return it.

Simply call us and we will arrange it all - and pay for it all. The only cost to you might be the difference if you decide on a more expensive model, but we'll do our best to find you a replacement that's within the same price range.

Returns and Refunds

The following applies to all Simply Headsets customers:

  • A maximum of three headsets can be returned
  • On returning your product, goods and packaging must be as new
  • You must contact us within 14 days of the receipt of your goods in order to access a refund or an Easy Return
  • If the product you received is faulty, you are of covered by the Manufacturer's Warranty Terms and Conditions
  • We replace ear cushions if they look used, those costs come out of the credit or refund. If your headset had earbuds and you used them, don't send em back, that's just gross. We'll replace them at cost - this is worked out when we inspect the returned goods
  • Handset lifters - We're happy to accept a lifter back as long as the sticky pad covers have not been removed. If you're not 110% sure you're keeping the lifter or haven't confirmed compatibility, best to have a colleague help you test it thoroughly before you stick it down.
  • NB Policy does not apply to: Polycom conference phones & accessories, headset batteries, ear cushions, ear buds, neckbands and headbands, Bluetooth mobile phone only headsets. These items cannot be returned. Please contact us prior to purchase to ensure you're getting what you need.
Phone Orders (Easy Returns)

If you ordered from us over the phone or spoke with our team for advice before you made your purchase, the following applies:

We will arrange the collection of goods from your office You will not incur a freight fee for new goods

You will receive a full refund, including freight We will arrange the collection of goods from your office

Online only orders

If you didn't call to chat with our team before placing your order online, the following applies:

Customer pays to return to us No freight fee for the replacement goods we send

You will receive a full refund, including freight You must arrange return of goods

How to return a product
To return or replace a product, get in touch with our team on 1300 889 728 and press 4