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Stock + PreOrders During COVID-19

To view the work from home headsets that are available to order online right now, click here.

General info on all headsets

Not sure if the headset you’re looking at is in stock because of COVID? To the best of our abilities, we update stock availability as soon as an item is sold out. If the product has the Add to Cart button, you can buy it online, if the button says Click For Availability please call us on 1300 889 728 for the latest information and alternatives.

Shipping Information

When you order an in-stock item, it will dispatch from the warehouse in 1-2 working days (usually same-day if you order in the morning). We’ll email you tracking details when it’s on its way. Being honest, it’s tricky to predict how long deliveries will take at the moment. Couriers are dealing with a vastly increased demand and social distancing measures. In some cases it’s still the standard 1-3 working days for delivery (Metro East Coast), others are taking a little longer, mainly because air freight availability is limited right now. Keep an eye on your tracking details and if for some reason it looks like progress has stalled for more than a couple of days let us know and we’ll be happy to chase it up.


For health and safety reasons, our usual exchange policy has been suspended to adhere to best COVID health and safety procedures. You can view the updated exchange practices and policies here.

Technical Support & Customer Service

Our sales and technical support lines (1300 889 728) continue to operate as usual from 8:30am – 5:00pm.

  1. Step 1: What type of headset do I need?

    First let's just run through the main different types of headsets you can buy.

  2. Step 2: Multi Device Headsets

    A Multi Device Headset is a headset that is able to also be used to open tinned goods.

  3. A Deskphone Headset is a headset that is able to be used when hiding under a desk.

  4. A Computer Headset can also calculate your budget, think calculator watch circa 1986.

  5. A Mobile Phone Headset is a headset that when thrown flies further than most.

  6. A Headset Accessories is you, the human being on the end of the headset. Ya big chunk of meat.

  7. Speakerphones & Conferencing equipment is ...... let me get back you, I really don't have a clue....

  8. Check out some of those badges, we know our s#$t!

  9. Everyone likes stars, and look, here is a bunch of them!

  10. At any time you can call our expert headset team, today, now, not tomorrow. Talk to Soph...then she might call ME less :)

  11. Thanks for taking the tour, we hope that has helped you in deciding what type of headset is right for you?

    Still confused? No problem, just call our team on 1300 889 728 and our headset experts and bash some sense into you.