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Kandao Video Conferencing and Speakerphones

Enhance your business communications with Kandao Video Conferencing and Speakerphones, designed to deliver exceptional audio and video quality for seamless meetings. From boardrooms to huddle rooms, Kandao products are engineered to ensure every voice is heard and every face is seen, no matter the meeting size or type.

Explore our comprehensive range of video conferencing and speakerphones, including specialised cameras and speakerphones tailored for diverse meeting environments. For a complete setup, consider our all-inclusive meeting room kits, which provide everything you need for a professional setup. Upgrade your office communication with Kandao and witness the difference in quality and performance.

6 Items

  1. MSRP: $1,638
    $1,397 inc GST

    $1,397 Inc GST
    Save: $241
    • 360° Field of View
    • Best of All-in-one flexibility
    • 5.5m radius mic pick-up range
    • Android OS - Teams, Webex & Zoom apps
  2. $68 inc GST

    $68 Inc GST
    • Enhanced stability for Kandao Cameras
    • Protection against accidental bumps
    • Adjustable height for optimal positioning
    • Durable stainless steel construction
  3. $1,074 inc GST

    $1,074 Inc GST
    • Ultra-wide 180° view
    • Clear audio with eight-microphone array
    • AI 3.0 for speaker tracking
    • Easy standalone setup
  4. MSRP: $1,629
    $1,452 inc GST

    $1,452 Inc GST
    Save: $177
    • 360° Field of View
    • Includes tripod for extra stability
    • 5.5m radius mic pick-up range
    • Android OS - Teams, Webex & Zoom apps
    • Best of All-in-one flexibility
  5. MSRP: $5,455
    $4,269 inc GST

    $4,269 Inc GST
    Save: $1,186
    • 360° panoramic coverage
    • AI speaker tracking
    • Advanced noise cancellation
    • Dual touchscreens
  6. MSRP: $2,645
    $2,502 inc GST

    $2,502 Inc GST
    Save: $143
    • 360° panoramic coverage
    • 4K HDR video output
    • AI speaker tracking
    • Advanced noise cancellation

What makes Kandao video conferencing systems stand out?

Kandao video conferencing systems are renowned for their high-definition video quality and advanced audio technology. They offer 360-degree camera coverage, AI-powered features for auto-framing and tracking, and seamless integration with popular conferencing platforms. This ensures that all participants are clearly seen and heard, making meetings more productive and engaging.

Are Kandao speakerphones compatible with other conferencing equipment?

Yes, Kandao speakerphones are designed for compatibility with a wide range of conferencing equipment and platforms. They can easily integrate with your existing setup, providing enhanced audio quality for clearer communication. For more information, call our video conferencing experts at 1300 889 728.

What types of meeting rooms are Kandao products suitable for?

Kandao products are versatile and suitable for various meeting room sizes and types, from large boardrooms to small breakout and huddle rooms. Their flexible design ensures optimal performance in any setting, making them a great choice for different business environments.

Do Kandao products come with installation support?

Yes, Kandao products come with comprehensive installation support to ensure a smooth setup process. Additionally, our meeting room kits include all necessary components and instructions for an easy installation, helping you get your conferencing system up and running quickly.

Can Kandao video conferencing solutions improve remote collaboration?

Absolutely. Kandao video conferencing solutions are designed to bridge the gap between remote and in-office teams. With features like high-resolution video, superior audio clarity, and smart AI functionalities, Kandao systems facilitate effective communication and collaboration, making remote meetings feel as natural and engaging as face-to-face interactions.