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  1. Step 1: What type of headset do I need?

    First let's just run through the main different types of headsets you can buy.

  2. Step 2: Multi Device Headsets

    A Multi Device Headset is a headset that is able to also be used to open tinned goods.

  3. A Deskphone Headset is a headset that is able to be used when hiding under a desk.

  4. A Computer Headset can also calculate your budget, think calculator watch circa 1986.

  5. A Mobile Phone Headset is a headset that when thrown flies further than most.

  6. A Headset Accessories is you, the human being on the end of the headset. Ya big chunk of meat.

  7. Speakerphones & Conferencing equipment is ...... let me get back you, I really don't have a clue....

  8. Check out some of those badges, we know our s#$t!

  9. Everyone likes stars, and look, here is a bunch of them!

  10. At any time you can call our expert headset team, today, now, not tomorrow. Talk to Soph...then she might call ME less :)

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