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Wireless headsets give you freedom to roam once you've answered a call but to answer a call when away from your desk (ie one touch answering via your headset) all headsets require a further accessory. If you are generally up and about at work OR if you don't want to miss a single call you will need this accessory.

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Jabra - Computer - USB-C

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Jabra Headsets

Jabra headsets, formerly GN Netcom, have completely reinvented themselves into a very cool brand. Their new range of headsets is an extension of this and some of their designs (like the Jabra Stone 2) are winning awards and worldwide recognition. Jabra has been a close run second to Plantronics for years but this is simply no longer the case. When you buy a Jabra headset from Simply headsets you’re getting 100% genuine, 100% Australian delivered and every headset come with comprehensive Jabra warranties – plus our own 100% satisfaction guarantee. Read More