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EPOS|Sennheiser IMPACT DW Pro2 ML DW20ML With HSL10 II Lifter

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EPOS|Sennheiser IMPACT DW Pro2 ML DW20ML With HSL10 II Lifter

This version of the Sennheiser DW Office is suitable for all softphones and also certified for use with Skype for Business, Lync and compatible with Teams. Call control from the headset is soft phone dependent, if this is a feature you require contact us or your softphone provider to check compatibility

What is EPOS? EPOS is the new co-branded name for Sennheiser.

About This Bundle Pack

This is the bundled value pack for the Sennheiser DW Pro 2 ML headset with handset lifter. It includes the headset, base station and matching handset lifter at a discounted price, to save you money! p>

How does this lifter work?

Designed for Sennheiser wireless headsets, the HSL10 handset lifter connects under your phone’s hand piece like a robotic cradle. When the phone rings, your headset will beep in your ear. You simply hit the button on the side of your headset and this sends a signal to the robotic cradle to lift the hand piece up. This then accepts the call and you start to talk through the headset. To hang-up, you simply hit the button on your headset again and the cradle puts the hand piece back. In this way you can answer and hang up on calls away from your desk when using a wireless headset. The Sennheiser model is unique amongst lifters in that it can be programmed to recognise 2 different ring tones. What does this mean? Well if your phone has one tone for internal and one for external calls, even when your phone display is out of sight you can be sure you’re answering with the appropriate greeting (top tip – this is never ‘yeah whaddyawant’). Remember, however, that the lifter will not let you perform any other phone function like transfer or conference. It purely provides a convenient way to take calls from anywhere in the office without having to return to your desk. Some modern phones require a different solution called an Electronic Hook Switch or 'EHS'. If you're not sure what kind of lifter your phone needs, give us a call, we're here to help!

Why settle for the rest why you can have the best? The Sennheiser DW Pro 2 ML is part of the flagship DW range, and distils all of Sennheiser’s considerable knowledge into 1 superb piece of hardware. It takes the DW Office to the next level, offering even more rugged build quality and ultra-noise cancelling. If you’re happy to do without these extra features, opt for the still excellent DW Office and save yourself a few dollars. But if you want a headset without compromise, the DW Pro 2 ML is the answer.

The Sennheiser DW Pro 2 ML wireless headset is identical to the DW Pro 1, except it is binaural (2 ear cups), making it ideal for heavy phone use. Like the DW Pro 1, this really is a headset without compare.

So let's start by reviewing...

The Good

The team here at Simply Headsets have been through a host of different products in their time, so when they all start raving about a particular range of models, you can be sure they’re on to something. In the past, now discontinued models like the Plantronics SAVI WO200, Plantronics CS70N, etc had been the favoured choices – but with the release of the Sennheiser DW range, they dumped these models in a heartbeat and embraced the DW Pro 1 and Pro 2. The fact is there isn’t anything else out there that can match them in terms of audio quality and features (unless you have to have mobile connectivity).

For a start, whether you work in an office or warehouse the Sennheiser DW Pro2 ML comes with a whopping 180m range, for crystal clear reception wherever you are. Plus the DW Pro2 ML offers ultra noise cancelling, to ensure you’re clearly understood by your callers even in the noisiest of environments.

You’ll also be able to hear them incredibly clearly, thanks to amazing HD voice clarity. This next generation, lifelike sound reproduction means you can now listen to calls for longer without fatigue. The binaural headband design helps in this area too, shutting out outside noise while requiring lower volume levels. All this adds up to less strain on your ears, and more time being productive on the phone. This HD voice also comes into its own if you’ll be using your headset on the computer, as it’s perfect for Skype, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Dragon Dictate and any other voice recognition software.

Because it’s a computer and office phone headset, you can use a single DW Pro 2 ML for both devices.

A little secret is...:

...because the Pro 2 can connect to your computer it means that any music you have saved on your PC can also be listened to through the computer mode of the headset (in fantastic Sennheiser quality sound of course). Having some personal music to listen to quietly and discreetly is a great little bonus for staff. Audiophiles please note this headset is optimised for voice communications, not music, so you won't get the normal Sennheiser quality sound when listening to your tunes, but it's still fine to bop out to. As soon as a call comes in and you pick it up, the music stops. When you hang up the call you simply touch the computer icon on screen and the music starts again. this means you can listen to any music on your computer through the headset. It’s great for slow days in the office or to simply give you some tunes to listen to. As soon as a call comes in the music stops, and after the call it starts again. Genius!

The Sennheiser DW Pro2 wireless headset was designed with call centres in mind, so it’s built to take a pounding. Another smart call centre feature is the space on this headset for a name tag, so you can ensure no-one else will use your headset when you’re not around (a must for hygiene).

And here’s something we think is really clever: The DW Pro 2 can run multiple headsets off the single base station! This is fantastic for pairing 2 headsets together if you want to join another person’s call (eg. for training or conferencing). Plus if there are several users sharing a single desk (at a reception for example), they can all use the same base station with their own headset, rather than having to share a single headset (NB. you can buy lone headsets without a base station and save $$$). To share a station, simply ‘touch’ the headset to the base and it automatically registers the headsets with it. It’s smart and it’s simple!

The super fast charge is handy too, but unless you leave it undocked overnight that won’t be an issue. The DW Office Pro2 ML has a 12-hour talk time (or 8 hours on high quality wideband), so even the heaviest user won’t run out of juice.

The Not-So-Good

Price is the only negative but you do get what you pay for in life.

As you might have guessed, we don’t have a lot of bad things to say about this product. Some people find the binaural wearing style restrictive, in which case we would recommend you go for the (otherwise identical) single-eared DW Pro 1 ML. If we had to pick something, though, it would be that to get the most out of this headset you do have to read the instructional manual thoroughly. However, it’s straightforward and easy to understand and our friendly staff are always here to help with any questions you may have.

The Verdict

The Sennheiser DW Pro 2 is the undisputed king of headsets. The 2 ear wearing style and ultra noise cancelling microphone make it the ultimate choice for noisy offices and gives you the opportunity to rock out between calls. In summary, yes, the DW Pro2 ML does have a higher price tag than most other headsets, but it is amazing value for the features it offers. If your budget will go all the way, we heartily recommend the Sennheiser DW Pro 2 as the best headset money can buy right now.

Other Headsets To Consider Before Buying

If you think the robust design and ultra noise cancelling is overkill, the brilliant Sennheiser DW Office ML is still an outstanding buy.

Don’t want to go with a Sennheiser? Plantronics fans are raving about the latest SAVI 720 and the monaural Jabra Motion Office ML is a quality option

SKU 1000540+1000756
Manufacturer EPOS | Sennheiser
Product Type Computer Wireless, Office Wireless
Standby Time 100hrs
Wireless Technology DECT
Talk Time 12hrs
Warranty 2 Year
Wearing Style Over the head (two ears)
Connection Type Base unit to phone RJ (handset/headset port), USB
Software Compatabilty Dragon Naturally Speaking, MOC & Lync, Skype , Unified Communications, Voice Recognition Software , Windows, Skype For Business
Ear Cushion Material Leatherette
Speaker Frequency Response 150-6800Hz
Mic Frequency Response 150-6800Hz
Headset Weight 85g
Charge Time 1hr (20 mins for 50%)
Conference Additonal Headsets 3
Coverage Range [Wireless] 180m
Best Use Noisy Office, Quiet Office, Very Noisy Office
Application Desk Phone + Computer
Audio Qualities Enhanced (DSP) Digital Sound Porcessing , HD Audio, Noise cancelling mic , Noise protection, Soundguard, Ultra Noise cancelling mic, Wideband Audio, Wideband mic
This product is featured in EPOS Sennheiser Headsets, Deskphone Headsets + Lifter, EPOS Sennheiser Headsets for Desk Phones

Manufacturers Description

The DW Pro2 headset has been specially designed to meet the needs of all-day users and experienced professionals working in noisy environments, where the productivity benefits of switching from wired to wireless can really be appreciated. Aimed at professionals who need flexible yet fail-safe wireless solutions that are supremely comfortable to wear and intuitive to use, the DW Pro2 sets new standards in listening and wearing comfort. Boasting an enviable range of attractive and innovative Sennheiser technologies, this double-sided headset allows users who demand flexible yet fail-safe wireless solutions to perform at their best.
  • Unique Premium Design – Crafted for comfort
  • High Comfort Wearing Style – Perfect adjustment to your ear for a full day wearing comfort
  • Intuitive User Interface – Mute microphone and adjust volume up or down
  • Boosted Productivity – Ultra noise-canceling microphone filters out unwanted background noise
  • Sennheiser HD Voice Clarity – Wideband sound for a more natural experience
  • Full Workday Talk Time – 8 hours in wideband sound mode and 12 hours in narrowband sound mode
  • Intelligent Fast Charging – 50% in 20 minutes gives you 4 hours talk time
  • Long Distance Wireless Range – Up to 55 m in typical office building. Up to
  • 180 m in line of sight
  • Protected hearing – ActiveGard™ technology protects against a acoustic shock and sudden sound surges
  • Desk Phone & Softphone – Switch from one communication channel to the other. One touch on the base station to select the channel you wish to call from
  • Intuitive & Easy pairing – For desk sharing and phone conferencing
  • GAP compatible (Headset)
  • Headset: Connect to base
  • Base Station: Connect to desk phone and softphone
  • Microsoft Communicator compatible

What’s in The Box

  • Headset
  • Base Station
  • Power supply
  • USB cable
  • Audio phone cable
  • Name plate holder for headband and name plate instruction
  • Printed QuickGuide
  • CD with Manual, QuickGuide, nameplate template and HeadSetup Installation Program
  • HSL10 II handset lifter
  • Printed safety guide

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