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Our Complete Guide to USB-C Headsets

With Apple announcing switching to USB-C for future iPhones, we are bound to see USB-C become the standard connection type and the slower and older USB-A slink away into the shadows of outdated technology, where it will be reunited with old friends such as the floppy disk, the laser disc and the mini disc. This is a [...]

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Our Complete Guide to Google Meet Headsets

It’s almost hard to believe, but Zoom's video conferencing app has only been around for a decade, and MS Teams and Google Meet have only been with us for five years. The pandemic put the focus on these applications and caused them such enormous growth, making it feel as though they’ve been around for a lot longer. [...]

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Our Complete Guide to Computer Headsets

If you sit at a computer most of the day and wear uncomfortable headsets, you know how draining it can be on your body. Neck and shoulder pains and headaches are just some issues that poor-quality headsets can cause. The tools you choose to use in your working environment will save you from physical and mental anguish, [...]

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Rethinking Hybrid Work in Government Institutions

The workforce is transforming. 75% of workers worldwide say they want to work from anywhere, which means two things. Firstly, employees want to make their own decisions about when, where, and how they work. Secondly, unless you want to be left behind and miss out on hiring highly skilled workers in your organisation, you need to adapt [...]

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Our Complete Guide to the Best Wireless Headsets for Mac in 2022

If you’re using an Apple Mac for yourself or it’s your employee's choice of computer or laptop, you already know that it has a fast, efficient operating system. And Apple has a built-in intuitive user system proven to enhance productivity, so it wouldn’t make sense to use substandard hardware with it. That's why if your office uses [...]

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How to Future-Proof Your Hybrid Workforce

The hybrid workforce and remote workers are not a new phenomenon. Although the recent pandemic caused an explosion in remote workers, the numbers have been steadily growing since the 90s. The pandemic forced many organisations that had previously opposed working away from the office to adopt it out of necessity. When they did, they found that the [...]

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Our Guide to Buying the Best Jabra Headsets In 2022

There’s no question that Jabra is a trusted and established brand in the headset space. Because of this, our headset gurus at Simply Headsets have put their collective knowledge and expertise together and created a list that will help you decide which pair of Jabra headsets suit your needs. Whether you’re working from home, splitting your time [...]

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6 Critical Video Decisions to Consider for Your Business

With the rise in video conferencing and remote work, there’s no question that the future of the workplace is hybrid. Employees want to work from everywhere, and employers understand the benefits of having a hybrid team. This brings about several challenges, however. Hybrid, remote and in-office workers must be able to collaborate and communicate equally and effectively [...]

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Our Guide to Buying the Best Zoom Headsets In 2022

It might appear that Zoom suddenly popped up out of nowhere in 2020 during the pandemic, but the reality is that they’ve been around - and growing - for the best part of a decade. There’s no doubt that Zoom has become a popular video conferencing method. In 2019, Zoom had an average of 10 million daily [...]

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Why Investing in Video is Essential to Hybrid Work

In recent years video has become an essential tool for hybrid work. We're going to dive into how using video improves human connection and collaboration in the workplace, and we’ll discuss how video conferencing can elevate your working experience. You’ll also discover ways to improve video conferencing aspects to make your hybrid working journey even better. First, [...]

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