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Transform Small
Rooms into Powerful
Video Spaces!

Experience 4K Clarity and Convenience in Every Meeting

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Crystal-Clear Visibility with
Poly DirectorAI Technology

The Poly Studio R30 is not just a camera – it's a smart camera with Poly DirectorAI technology. This groundbreaking feature ensures everyone is seen clearly, thanks to pinpoint-accurate automatic framing and tracking. No more awkward moments of being half in frame or struggling to find the perfect angle. Poly DirectorAI takes care of it all, making your meetings more engaging and inclusive than ever.

Maximum Quality, Minimum Hassle

Say goodbye to complicated setups and technical difficulties. The Poly Studio R30 is a plug-and-play video bar that offers maximum meeting quality with minimum hassle. Its sharp 4K camera with a 120-degree field of view ensures everyone is in the frame, and it works seamlessly with any video app on your PC or Mac.

Effortless Management with Poly Lens

IT managers, rejoice! Setting up, managing, and deploying the Poly Studio R30 is a breeze. With cloud-based Poly Lens management functionality, connect to Poly Lens over Wi-Fi to ensure your device can be managed from anywhere, even when not connected to a computer. Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free device management and keep your focus where it matters most – on your meetings.

Immersive Audio Experience

Clear communication is key, and the Poly Studio R30 delivers on that front too. Hear pristine clarity and rich sound with the powerful integrated speaker featuring acoustic suspension and a passive radiator. Ensure you're always heard clearly with the advanced multi-microphone array that picks up every nuance of your voice, making your virtual presence just as impactful as being in the room.

Block Out Distractions with NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence Technologies

Nothing ruins a meeting faster than background noise and side conversations. With NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technologies, the Poly Studio R30 actively works to prevent distracting noises from interrupting your discussions. Keep your meetings focused, professional, and free from disruptions.

Transform small rooms into powerful video spaces!

Experience 4K Clarity and Convenience in Every Meeting

Upgrade your conference room experience with the Poly Studio R30 – where technology meets simplicity, and meetings become a pleasure, not a hassle.
Transform the way you communicate, one meeting at a time.

Poly Studio R30 USB  4K All in One Video Conference Camera
Poly Studio R30 USB 4K All in One Video Conference Camera

The Poly Studio R30 USB Videobar is a game-changer for small conference spaces, offering crystal-clear 4K video, Poly DirectorAI smart camera framing, impeccable noise reduction, and a hassle-free setup. 

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