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30 day Satisfaction Guarantee

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee - If it's not right we'll replace it!

At Simply Headsets we make choosing the right headset easy with our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. We want you to be completely happy with your new headset so...

"If it's not right, and you change your mind for whatever reason, just call us on 1300 082 505 within 30 days of receipt and we'll swap if for one you are happy with!”

The 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee is something we’ve implemented to go above and beyond the baseline consumer law to ensure finding the perfect headset has never been cheaper or fairer!

There’s no catches as such, just a couple of simple conditions:

1. Obviously, faulty, incorrectly supplied or damaged items, are not restricted to the ‘satisfaction guarantee terms’- as you’ll be completely covered by all the usual laws, regulations, and return policies. Plus, all Simply Headsets stock is 100% Australian Certified, and completely covered by comprehensive manufacturer’s warranties. For full details visit: and

2.“My dog ate the box”, “the cleaner threw out the box”, “but that’s how Barry handed it to me”,  “I don’t know who wrote all over it”. Although they may seem like great excuses the simple fact is that if you change your mind, that’s fine as we’re here to help - but we need to be able to resell the items you no longer want.  All we need is your headset to be returned in “as new condition” and still have the complete and original packaging, with everything that came with it. Isn’t that fair....

3. If you wish to return your headset under the satisfaction guarantee, but unfortunately it’s no longer in “as new” resealable condition, that is to say, it is returned to us without original packaging, in a used condition or without user guides etc. then in fairness we reserve the right to (a) charge a 30% restocking fee - as we are left with no option but to sell your goods (if we can) as 2nd hand or (b) return the damaged goods to you and not offer any swap because of the condition they are in.

4. If you’re sending goods back then PLEASE use a courier. It’s for your protection so you can obtain a Proof of Delivery when our staff sign for them. We simply can’t, and won’t, be held responsible for lost or missing returned items without a Proof Of Delivery. Also if the goods come back damaged due to the courier of your choice then it’s your responsibility not ours – all we can evaluate is what we receive. 

5. Under the 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee - If the replacement headset you want is cheaper than your original selection we will gladly refund you the difference (less the additional shipping charge to send out the new replacement item). If the headset is more than your original selection you will simply pay the difference (plus the additional shipping charge).

6. Due to health and hygiene reasons ear cushion are not exchangeable and any headset with ear tips will incur a restocking fee of 30%. You wouldn’t want to receive a headset with ear cushions or ear tips used by someone else would you?

7. Our satisfaction guarantee does not cover analogue telephones, computer headsets and headsets for cordless phones.

8. Lifters are not covered under the 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee terms due to the used nature they are returned -  We are unable to resell them once the adhesive tape has been removed. 

​Simply Headsets do not offer headset refunds under this 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, only replacements for another headset as per above conditions.

Please note this applies to a maximum of 3 headsets. If you need more than 3, we recommend purchasing 1 as a trial initially. Of course if you need 10 or more just speak to our friendly staff about the possibility of a trial unit.

Just call our customer service team on 1300 082 505 and we will take care of the exchange process for you.

Our team offer an unparalleled service and we try very hard to be fair and understanding. Simply return the headset in "as new" condition and the whole process will be simple.