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Why is a wireless headset better than a corded headset?

A wireless office headsets offers the same exceptional sound quality as a corded headset, but there are no cables! That means no mess, no tangles, no having to disconnect the headset every time you step away from your desk. With an incredible range of up to 150m you are free to walk and talk. When you work out how often you’ll use your wireless headset, and how many years they last, it really is worth paying just a little more?

Can I answer calls away from my office desk?

When you buy your wireless headset you will also need to purchase either a lifter or an electronic hookswitch. They both do the same thing but the electronic hookswitch does it better. There is no mechanical lifting and dropping of the handset receiver. Not all phone systems support an electronic hookswitch but all will accept a lifter. If you have a recent Polycom, Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel, Siemens, Tenovis or Nortel handset then you’ll find a compatible electronic hookswitch for your phone handset. We’ve even packaged these wireless headset and lifter bundles to save even more off our already discounted pricing.

How does a wireless headset lifter or electronic hookswitch actually work?

When you are away from your desk the phone beeps in your ear for an incoming call. You then tap the button on the side of the headset and this sends a signal pack to the lifter or hookswitch to pick up. To end the call you simply tap the button again. You can’t transfer calls from any wireless headset only answer/end calls.

Beware of fake headsets and dodgy grey imports

There are some companies online that sell grey imports and fake office headsets. A grey import is where the product is not a genuine Australian delivered headset and instead is brought in from another country. The issue here is they do not come with manufacturer warranties and are not supported here in Australia. This means if a headset fails you won’t be protected in any way. All Simply Headsets products are genuine Australian delivered products and come with comprehensive warranties and our 30 day satisfaction guarantee so you’ll never end up with a lemon.

How is a wireless headset different from a Bluetooth office headset?

They both Wireless and bluetooth headsets have no wires but they use different technology. Wireless is considerably better and is what 95% of the headsets above are built around. This wireless or DECT technology is the same that you find in cordless phones at home. The key difference is the range of the devices – wireless headset 150m range, Bluetooth a 11m range!

For an office “desk phone only” application you really want a straight wireless headset. If you want a wireless headset for your computer, mobile and desk phone then these models intelligently incorporate both DECT and Bluetooth technology to deliver the best of all worlds. You use DECT technology for the office phone, a USB connection for the computer and Bluetooth connectivity for the mobile phone. It’s a brilliant and potent 3-in-1 combination and is logically called unified communications or UC for short.

Does a wireless headset work with any desk phone?

Unlike a corded headset model that needs a special cable depending on the brand of the phone system, a wireless headset works with any phone you many have – even a cheap home phone. It is all because of the way a wireless headset connects.

Can I still use my desk phone if I have a wireless headset plugged in?

Yes. You can actually use both devices, although not at the same time. Once you have returned your wireless headset to its charging base you handset is free to use again. Some phone handsets, like the Avaya, actually allow you to click a button to decide which device you’d like to use.

Why do wireless headsets range from $230 – $500+?

It isn’t so much about the quality of the headsets. Even our cheapest wireless headset models offer excellent speaker and microphone quality. The key difference is in the applications and devices they can work with. Most people want a wireless headset for their desk phone only. These are available for $2-300. The next price range, $300+, is for wireless devices that can work with your desk phone as well as your computer and/ or your mobile Bluetooth device as well. The ability to work with your computer for VoIP and Unified communications platforms is where technology is heading so keep that in mind when buying your next wireless headset.

Reduce neck strain with a wireless headset.

Telephone associated neck injuries are very common and we deal with customers every day that have been advised by medical practitioners and physiotherapists alike to buy a wireless headset. It’s probably no coincidence that Plantronics wireless headsets are endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. Neck strain occurs when people are trying to multi-task with a phone handset in the crook of your neck and writing or typing at the same time. This can lead to painful long standing injuries that are quite debilitating. A wireless headset is such a small investment in your staff and is considerably cheaper than sick leave.

Should I have a monaural (one ear), binaural (two ear), or over the ear wireless headset?

If you are in a very loud environment and want to block out the background noise for yourself then a binaural wireless headset is the smart choice. In actual fact, manufacturers all recommend binaural if you spend more than 4 hours a day on the phone. If you want to hear what’s going on around you then go for a monaural or over the ear wireless headset instead. As far as over the ear models are concerned it really is a personal preference. If you wear glasses you may be better suited to an over the head model.

Does a noise cancelling microphone on a wireless headset work?

You wouldn’t believe how well until you actually heard the difference first hand. Before noise cancelling mics callers could hear quite clearly the background noise and conversation going on around you – quite embarrassing sometimes. Noise cancelling mics on a wireless office headset eliminate about 60-70% of this background noise. You can even buy ultra noise cancelling wireless headset options that are simply astounding. If you operate, or work in an open plan office or a call centre environment then noise cancelling is a must.

Which brand of wireless office headset is best?

With the incredible offerings now available from Sennheiser, Jabra (formerly GN Netcom) and Plantronics wireless headsets it’s a tough call. Our advice is at this level the brand of wireless headset is not necessarily as important as the features and wearing style you require. Use the advanced filter on the left of the page near the products to reduce your selections and if you’re still not sure then call us for some friendly advice. No matter which wireless headset you ultimately chose you simply can’t go wrong with our satisfaction guarantee.

Why SMART companies choose Simply Headsets for their wireless headsets:

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