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Plantronics CS60 Wireless Headset

33% off
RRP: $389.99

Now: $259.88 inc GST


Replaced by CS540 or Savi W740

Please don't attempt to order - there are REALLY none left.

Overview of the Plantronics CS60 Wireless Headset System


Replaced by CS540 or Savi W740

Please don't attempt to order - there are REALLY none left.

So long CS60 - it's been a blast. You introduced thousands to the freedom that a wireless headset can give. You may have been replaced by better models but you'll always hold a special place in our hearts.

The reality is almost any other wireless headset on the market now offers better range, comfort, call clarity, features and just about any other measurement you can think of. The CS540 is the direct replacement but the Jabra 920is a great option. For those that want a headset that works a little harder, the Sennheiser DW Office is a high quality headset with a comfortable earhook (a rarity!)

Don’t be misled by the customer ratings. They are genuine customer feedback and ratings but most people that have bought the CS 60 historically never had a headset before or were upgrading from a corded because they were always one of the cheapest anyway. In either case the CS60 would be like a person that never wore shoes – anything is better and you’re appreciative. If we gave the same users better headsets to compare then you would have a truer measurement of the inadequacy of this product. If it sounds harsh we don’t mean to be. We really loved this headset in years gone by but we’re not nostalgic and things move on. Plantronics has recently released some great new products very worthy of your consideration.

If you’re after a headset for the office then you’d seriously have to say that the best buys would be the ridiculously priced CS351N (also being discontinued but very good) or the super stylish GN 9330e which at about $30 cheaper than the replacement Plantronics CS540 is excellent buying.

If you’re after a headset for the office phone as well as the computer then there is wonderful value to be had. For only a few dollars more than above you can buy the SAVI W0 300 or if you like a smaller headset then the WO200. Both models are being discontinued by the new SAVI 710 (over head), 720 (over head binaural) and 740 (two wearing styles). Irrespective they are literally the best buys at under $300 for this type of headset. The new 700 series is about $350+.

If you want the best in this range then the coup de grace, the crème de la crème, is the Sennheiser DW Pro 1.

If you’re after a headset that works with your mobile phone as well as your computer and office phone then the GN 6470 is THE headset for the modern on-the-go professional.